Trump Rally in New Jersey: 175000 Tickets Requested

Trump certainly has New Jersey’s attention. His latest rally is a record-breaker.

Over 175,000 tickets were requested for the rally planned for Tuesday. Understand that the town of Wildwood where the rally will be held contains just over 5,000 citizens. Sources say that area hotels are sold out, which is certainly no surprise.

The Wildwood Convention Center holds 7,500 people.

“So if the entire town of Wildwood attended, they would still need to bus in over 2,500 more,” said no one to a Democrat since 2008 Obama.

One report I read said that the “Keep America Great”‘ rally at the Jersey Shore had supporters lined up early Monday morning. Actually, they lined up earlier than that!

“The president of the United States is coming here to South Jersey to the 2nd District,” said supporter Duke Reale, of Galloway, who was the first person in line after arriving at 2 p.m. Sunday. “It’s wonderful.”

Out of curiosity, do any of the Democrat candidate command such audiences? Asking for a friend.

Audiences who come in the day before and wait like 1960s Beatles groupies? For Democrats? Not happening. In fact, If you put all the Democrats together, their audience would be laughable compared to Trump’s.

The City of Wildwood is taking no chances.

With 175,000 tickets requested, the mayor is preparing for thousands of visitors. Also, he’s added additional security since there will be Leftists protesting the president.

But the people in the area are excited.

“It’s just history in the making for the generation ahead of me,” said Selena Wollk, of Northeast Philadelphia. “And it’s just a once in a lifetime event.”

“New Jersey has been a blue state for a long time,”‘ said Ed Talmo, of Vernon. “I think just by the turnout hours and days before the event, it just shows his presence is really wanted in New Jersey.”

Ticket numbers came courtesy of the president’s daughter-in-law, Lara. She reported on a radio show that over 175,000 tickets were requested–a record even for President Trump.

While many people won’t get inside the venue, they will still play a part in history. And there will be a giant television monitor set up for overflow, so people can see the president in the likely event they can’t get inside.

“This is like being in Disneyland for Trump supporters,” said Justin Mack, of Guttenberg. “This is like being Christmas, 5 years old. This is the best day of my life.”

While Duke Lea was the first arrival, aerial video from sister station WPVI-TV showed people still gathering, some with tents and others with lawn chairs, as early as 6 a.m. Monday.

Why this location?

The rally takes place in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District, represented by now-Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew. Recall that Van Drew switched from the Democratic Party to the GOP in December 2019. Since then, he pledged his “undying support” for President Trump.

Clearly Van Drew saw the writing on the border wall. Trump is king.

Despite Democrats winning the House in 2018, Van Drew knows differently. Who jumps from a winner to a loser? Not many.

But Van Drew isn’t the only winner. Imagine the economic boon to Wildwood and the surrounding towns.

Democrats tried to ignore these numbers in 2016, when Trump trounced Hillary Clinton. But today they say nothing against these rallies. Democrats know what these numbers mean. Thus, they plot Trump’s demise in more devious ways, to no avail.

It must be tragic for Democrats that no Democrat past, present or future can garner these Trumpian numbers. Wildwood New Jersey getting tens of thousands of people to see Trump!

It’s no longer unbelievable. And the numbers who want to see Trump now stagger the imagination, and are even bigger than Obama’s.

Impeach this! Trump may very well turn New Jersey and the rest of America solidly red.




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