Veteran's Open House

The more we hear about the VA’s treatment of veterans, the worse it gets. Dozens of VA facilities nationwide are being investigated for cooking the books, ensuring that the long wait times that sick veterans have to endure are hidden from the public. These secret waiting lists are fueled by the greed of those at the highest level of the VA. Shorter wait times means bonuses for VA employees, so in order to get these bonuses, VA employees have allegedly been ordered to hide the truth at the expensive of our veterans.

Reports out just this week illustrate that the Phoenix VA is not the only place where fraud has taken place. Even in Texas, it has been reported that some VA officials purposely manipulated appointment data to hide long wait times.

This is unacceptable. The money-hungry executives in the VA should be treated for what they are—criminals. Meanwhile, American warriors are dying in the United States, waiting in line for VA health care. We must fix the problem immediately.

Click here to view Congressman Poe's speech on the House Floor, "Cooking the Books Scandal."

I remain committed to assisting Veterans who are having issues with the VA or any other federal agency. That is why on Tuesday, June 3rd, I will host a Veterans’ Open House from 4:00-6:00 pm at my Harris County West Office. This will give veterans a chance to meet with me and my staff personally so that we can offer help and assistance with individual matters (casework) before the VA.


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