Who Says The Left is the Party Of Science?

Most recently, Mother Jones produced a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists that if you were a Fox listener, you were misinformed on climate change because we all know that man is responsible for climate change and the world is about to go into overdrive in a heat wave. The problem with this survey is that the latest studies have repudiated much of the alarmist charges about climate change, and it is Mother Jones and the Union of Concerned Scientists who are wrong. It is Fox viewers who are right!

Here is the bottom line: the Left is the party of anti-science and anti-research, and it is the Right who understands the nuance of policies. Let's begin with climate change. Much of the alarmist predictions have been proven wrong and the computer models used to forecast their predictions have utterly failed. Over the past four decades we have seen alarmists telling us everything from we are entering an ice age, to we are going to fry to death, to who knows what but it is going to be bad. Even the recent IPCC has now reduced their own past alarmist reports, and the reality as I have noted before, the science is in no way settled. The computer models have failed to predict the present climate, and new data is showing significant natural events being responsible for climate change, just as it has in the past millions of years. The present climate is neither the hottest nor the coldest in the past two millenniums! The Left's favorite tactic is shouting down the opponents, calling them names and failing to debate the facts. To do so would be to put their own data under microscope and expose the failure of their science.

So, if you watch MSNBC or read Mother Jones, you are totally misinformed and just buying into the propaganda. If you believe that natural events are part of the climate change debate, believe that the science is not settled, believe that the world is not going to end over the next century and are still uncertain on what the weather patterns will be in the future, then you are pro-science.

Then there is the "women make 77% of what men make", another favorite lefty slogan that has no basis in fact. If you factor in marital status, education and occupations, the difference disappears. Even when you go through the numbers and do not take these factors in account, the difference between men and women is far closer than the 23% spread often portrayed in the media. The one place where women do get screwed is working in the Obama White House where women make 88% of what men make. So, it can be argued that if a woman has similar education and job experience, you are better off in the private sector than working for Obama. If you believe in the 77% data, you are not well-informed and know nothing of the nuance behind the claim.

The conservative critics were right about Obamacare from day one, and their research and observations are now coming to pass. Obama and the Democrats did lie about keeping your health care and your doctor as well as the premium dropping for most Americans. So far, many people have lost their insurance, have lost their health care plan and their doctor, and have seen their premium go up and the cost to the federal government increase. And, the recent number that Obama reached, their magical number of seven million, is questionable, especially from an administration that has been totally wrong about the affect of their policy to begin with! The critics understood all of this from day one, and those who refuse to view the facts from four years ago have been proven wrong. If one views this issue without emotion and based on facts, the only conclusion is that Obamacare must go!

For the past two decades, various organizations have done surveys on the economic policies of countries around the world and here are the results. Those nations with the least interventionist economic policies have the most prosperity and are the most politically free! The United States' own economic status has declined versus other nations and one reason is that government interventionist policies have increased. The recent failure of Obamanomics to produce a recovery even close to past historical record is due to the decline of economic freedom in the United States.

This brings me to the final point: the failure of Obamanomics in producing a robust economy! This recovery has shown to be the weakest on record and pales in comparison to other past recoveries. We have a recovery in which the Middle Class has lost ground and that has produced the largest number of workers unemployed six months or longer since the Great Depression! Can we now conclude, based on past historical research, that much of Obamanomics has failed to deliver on many of its promises?

We can conclude that if you state that we need government policies that produce less government intervention in the economy, that the present over regulation and Keynesian economics on steroids has been a failure, you have the facts on your side. If you still cling to the 77% stat dealing with women pay versus men, you are not informed on the nuance of why the data is not correct. If you believe that Obamacare was bad policy from the very beginning, you were right and still are. Finally, if you understand the nuance of climate change science and understand there is much to learn, then you are well-informed. If not, you obviously watch way too much MSNBC. And you are anti-science!


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