Online Debate: Should the US Military Allow Illegal Immigrants to Serve?

This post is one side of an ONLINE DEBATE between Norman Adams and Shirley Spellerberg.


Times certainly have changed. Prior to 1923, when our ancestors came to America, we had no quotas! If our ancestors had been faced with America's current immigration laws and quotas, we would likely not be Americans. Thank God our ancestors managed to get to the "land of the free" before our immigration laws were screwed up.

Shirley you hit the nail on the head! We do need to "vet" citizens and non citizens! But not just in our military. Radical Islamists can kill us without being in our military! That is why my sensible immigration policy calls for:

  1. Replace our 1936 SS card with one that cannot be counterfeited. 
  2. Demand a positive ID and criminal background check of every non citizen! Shirley, until we pass sensible immigration reform, we will not find out who is living among us or in our military!

Finally, your continuous accusation that good faith employers prefer to hire illegal immigrants over American workers is without any basis and is insulting to business owners that create the jobs, risk their capital, and pay their taxes! Not only are you bearing false witness, such unfounded accusations are unbecoming the lady I know and respect.

Shirley, the truth is that too many American born workers prefer to work for minimum wages so they can work in air conditioning and or avoid hard work! Many of our American born workers are earning minimum wages and receiving benefits such as Lone Star Card! These same people could go to work for higher wages say $10 to $15 per hour for those "contractors" if they were willing work!

Finally, Shirley as long as you refuse to allow any pathway to legalization, you are perpetuating what amounts to amnesty. You know we are not going to deport these people. So why not face the fact that our immigration laws are broken and must be replaced with laws and quotas that work? My proposal has always required positive ID, criminal check, fines and penalties. That is not amnesty! Allowing them to continue to live in the shadows is a form of amnesty.

I love you Shirley, but I love you more when you present facts not myths!


what army in there right mind would want someone who snuck out on there homeland there very own place of birth simply because the new country had better stuff WOW someone who  would do this is a traitor a coward even a dog would not sneak across the street to live in a house that had better stuff be cause the dog loves his family what kind of low lives are these ileagle invaders deport them all shot on sight at the border

Adam, I think you owe Shirley an apology. Your facts on businesses not hiring illegal aliens over Americans is insulting with a cavalier attitude. It is not "unfound accusation" about businesses hiring illegal aliens. In fact, businesses like Farming, Construction and Hotels are actually fighting tougher immigration laws aim at keeping illegal aliens out of the U.S. workforce all over the Southern states with big illegal alien populations. These employers exploit illegal aliens because of cheap labor. Understand? They have the advantage of paying a flat pay without having to worry about covering their insurance and benefits. They also don't have to report social security taxes on illegal aliens, allowing them to, instead, profit it for themselves. American citizens demands a higher wage with benefits for these same jobs so, its clear to see why these unscrupulous employers would hire illegal aliens over Americans, and I think you do a disservice to America when you spout nonsense you "obviously" knew was not true. Another thing, Americans do not prefer to work for minimum wage. This is just a figment of your imagination. Most Americans definitely prefers a decent wage job however, lacks the skills/education to do so. I find it appalling, to say the least, how you fabricate these lies about Americans workers and the business community that hires illegal aliens. It's totally unpatriotic and extremely liberal how you rationalize our immigration issue with stuff you made up in your head and yet, criticize Shirley who presents facts with her position against your non-facts. Better yet, you owe America an apology, too!

I've personally applied for jobs such as picking peaches in South Carolina and Georgia only to be told I wasn't "qualified" because I refused to speak Spanish and told my interviewer I would report any employer for hiring illegals. The advertised pay was $10.95 / hr. with food, breaks, and housing provided. Being in college it paid more than most jobs - even the lousy pharmacy technician jobs. Employers want illegal immigrants because they have no rights. They didn't earn them period and if they are here illegally the employee must have ALL of the money paid to them by their employer taken away. The employer MUST spend time in jail and be heavily fined for hiring scum like this. You can't say illegal immigrants are "law abiding citizens" when they have broken our immigration laws! If representatives are caught catering to these parasites (like Perry) they should be thrown out of office. Where's our $3 MILLION you owe us Perry for your failed presidential bid? 

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