Trump and Biden Should Discuss Immigration During Debate

Immigration Policy, one of the biggest topics of the 2016 Presidential elections, was not discussed in the first presidential and vice presidential debates. The six topics for Thursday night’s final presidential debate, chosen by moderator NBC News’ Kristen Welker, do not include immigration. However, there are many important immigration related issues and policies that candidates should address and that voters should consider.

Will Biden increase or decrease funding for border security, and what would he do with Trump’s wall plans?

What is the fate of Trump’s executive order suspending almost all new immigration into the US until December 31st? Will president Trump allow it to expire and open the US immigration system back up at the end of the year or will he extend it again?

Trump could bring up the fact that when Joe Biden was vice president, the Obama administration deported unauthorized immigrants at a higher rate than the Trump administration.

Biden, who now says he will provide a "roadmap" to citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants, could ask Trump what should be done with them. Should congress create a conditional method for the unauthorized immigrants who have been working in the shadows for years and can pass background checks to earn legal status so we can ID and tax them properly?

Would the candidates call on Congress to eliminate the marriage penalty in the CARES Act, which prevented US citizens from receiving their individual economic impact payment if they filed taxes jointly with an unauthorized immigrant spouse in 2018?

A factual discussion of these topics by the candidates could highlight these important issues, and would require the candidates to take stances on which voters may hold them accountable.   


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