Congressman Neugebauer Votes for Plan to Balance Budget

I released the following statement after the House passed Rep. Paul Ryan’s 2015 budget proposal, the Path to Prosperity. The budget cuts spending by $5.1 trillion over time, and balances in ten years.

Our country can’t go on spending more than we take in. That’s not fair to American families who work hard to balance their own budgets and pay their taxes. We owe it to them to make responsible decisions.

This bill, which passed by a vote of 219-205, is designed to promote economic growth and job creation.  A balanced budget means a healthy economy. We can’t keep piling trillions of dollars on to our national debt year after year. Our economy won’t be able to hold up under that weight, and we’ll be leaving our children and grandchildren with diminished opportunities.

Two-thirds of federal spending goes to mandatory programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and—increasingly—interest on the national debt.  Chairman Ryan’s budget addresses the auto-pilot programs that form the bulk of our spending. We can’t get our spending under control unless we address the real drivers of our debt.


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