Liberal Bill White's Mouth Misfires (Again)

The following was sent in from the The Republican Party of Texas regarding even more of Bill White's lies:

Earlier this month, Democratic nominee for governor, liberal Bill White, accused Gov. Perry and the Texas Republican leadership of engaging in "Soviet-style" budget management, when they announced efforts to trim the state's budget across the board. Coming from the nominee of a party that is spending the country toward bankruptcy and is increasingly insinuating itself into every single facet of American life, that was a bit rich.

Well, earlier this week, trial lawyer Bill White took a shot at Gov. Perry's resume. This, coming from the nominee of a party that's led by the president with one of the thinnest resumes in American political history, is, again, a bit rich.

But it's even worse than that. By taking a swipe at Gov. Perry's career, Bill White managed to overlook the fact that Gov. Perry's connections to Texas life are deep and strong. Gov. Perry has worked on a ranch, and he spent five years flying C-130s for the United States Air Force. Gov. Perry has spent decades trying to keep Texas' government small and Texas' families and businesses thriving, while Democrats have done everything they could to expand government power.

We're sure that Bill White didn't intend to insult ranchers or military veterans. John Kerry didn't mean to insult the military either. And neither did Dick Durbin. Liberal Democrats never intend to insult the military. They just keep doing it over and over again, year by year.

The Pelosi Democrat leadership didn't mean to call opponents of Obamacare "un-American," either. They know...did. In print.

If Bill White wants to talk resumes, then he should start answering questions about why he still won't disclose his tax returns. Or why the city he left behind, Houston, is in such financial troubles. Or he could answer for the company he led, BJ Services, and why it's under Congressional investigation.

The one thing Both Ways Bill evidently doesn't want to talk about are the big issues of the day. Issues like cap and trade and Obamacare, which he still hasn't given Texans a straight answer on. It's not hard to figure out why. According to Rasmussen, while 67% of Texans support repealing Obamacare, 82% of Texas Democrats don't. Texas Democrats are fine with Washington mandates that force individuals to buy insurance, and that threaten to bankrupt Texas. The majority of Texas isn't fine with that, and wants Obamacare repealed. Bill White and the Democrats are out of touch with Texas on Obamacare. And a whole lot more.


What the next governor should do to get elected, and He or She will then go down in history as the first truly honest politician. And can guarantee themselves another victory...only if they can TRULY adhere to some novice but, and "As far as I can deduce", The only way to secure pure honesty from our leader from the Great State of Texas. I believe this could change politics forever, and for the better.

The government was not set up to watch us.

WE should be watching our government.

If one truly wants to be the 1st politician who TRULY cares about his people or his state, then by all means join the race and lead the people, with them knowing every aspect of his or her lives while they are in office.  This means that using the technology available of today, "We The People" will ensure, in no certain terms that we will have a Governor that does the right thing without political influence, but by right and wrong.  And there is a difference. 

His or Her closest advisors should have differing points of view and come from all walks of life.  They should all have at least some common sense about right from wrong.  True believers in God should also be there.  This country has the freedom to believe in God.  The "Ten Commandments" should be adhered to by all politicians, not only Because God is watching, but so are his people, the people who elected you, God's with their own eyes.  If you are a politician, or just plain "Great Guy or Gal", then by all means be the governor of the State you Love.  Take a vow of celibacy, breathe new hope in government. 

I hope this idea will click, if not, then I at least offered my dumb advice.

Sincerely Written,

By Burpalotofit,

A non-Christian who believes there is only one truth….about anything…and God knows it.



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