Norma Jeter Receives Wilda Lynstrom Award at the Annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner

Norma Jeter was honored Thursday night at the annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner of the Harris County Republican Party by receiving the first annual Wilda Lynstrom Award just after Governor Perry spoke and before Senator Dan Patrick of SD7 spoke. In honoring her, Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill said that Norma was:

"Someone who is a lifelong Republican—Someone whose first precinct convention was in 1958. This person has voted for Ike, Nixon, Goldwater, Ford, Reagan, Bush 41, Dole, Bush 43 and McCain. So this person goes way, way back! This person served two terms as the fourth VP for Texas Tea Party [of Republican Women]. She edited, or continues to edit, the Texas Tea Times newsletter. She’s the Director of the Conservative Coalition of Harris County. In 2008 she received the Texas Tea Party of Republican Women’s Tribute to Women. And in 2011 she was awarded Volunteer of the Year for SD[7], but you probably know her because she’s an “email warrior” that we hear from nearly every single day. Let’s give a big hand for our own Norma Jeter!"

Jared’s introduction to Norma was promptly followed by a heartfelt standing ovation and applause from the “heart of the conservative movement” in the country!

Congratulations on a well-deserved award to Norma Jeter!


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This is a well deserved honor for a woman who has spent given a lifetime of service to the Republican Party. Congratulations Norma.

For those who didn't know Wilda Lynstrom, she is another of the great Texas ladies who have made this state the best place in the world to live. Like Norma, Wilda devoted her lifetime to Republican party politics and candidates. Here is her "political resume" borrowed from her obituary last September.

"She gave unselfishly of her time and energy in many areas to promote the growth of the Republican Party. Since volunteering in John Tower's compaign in 1961, Wilda was continuously involved in working for Republican candidates and issues including:

  • The Barry Goldwater campaign for president; 
  • 1964-2008 Founder and charter member of the Area Womens Club; 
  • 1965 Served as Harris County Precinct Chairman 1966-2008 Member of the Harris County Vacancy Committee and State Republican Executive Committee; 
  • 1967 Secretary for the Houston-Harris County Republican Womens Club; 1968 National Delegate for Ronald Reagan to Miami; 
  • 1976 Alternate Delegate to National Convention in Kansas City
  • 1984 Presidential Elector; 
  • 1987 Named an Outstanding Volunteer for the Republican Party in Harris County 
  • 1988 Served on the Credentials Committee for the Republican State Convention 

Wilda appeared several times in Meg McKain Grier's, Grassroots Women, A Memoir of the Texas Republican Party. In 1997, she published her own memoirs From My Heart to Yours, where she expanded on her life and times and love of politics."


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