Adryana Boyne Speech at Republican Party of Texas 2010 Convention

Adryana Boyne gave a speech to the delegation at the RPT 2010 Convention.

Ivan Andarza, an attorney from Austin and an official spokesperson for the RPT, quoted:

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of the 2010 Texas Republican Convention was the energetic speech delivered by Adryana Boyne. Her speech accomplished the goal of allaying the fear that Hispanic outreach necessarily requires us to water down our conservative message. As she stated, our pro-family and pro-economic freedom agenda are universal and even if delivered in Spanish, they are one in the same. We are fortunate with having someone like Adryana Boyne who can take our conservative message to all corners of our state in English and Spanish. What more could we ask for?

Manny Rosales, Deputy Director of Coalitions for the RNC, quoted:

I like to congratulate Adryana Boyne on an excellent presentation to the delegates during the Texas GOP Convention. Her message of Inclusion was well received and by the applause well regarded.

The transcript and video of Adryanas speech are below:

Hello Texas Republicans!
The Republican Party is the party that offers true hope and change for America! Not the Obama Hope and Change that has greatly increased our national debt and prolonged the recession! But hope to bring government back into the hands of the American people. And change to government that respects its Constitutional limits, and believes America is an exceptional country. What makes our country exceptional? Our founding values and respect for rule of law!!
We must continue to reach out to Latinos in order to stop the liberal take-over of our country. The majority of Latinos hold to conservative values: we are pro-life, pro-family, hard working and believe in free-enterprise. Some escaped socialist governments; they know the danger of big government and the lies of entitlement. Many Latinos proudly serve in our armed forces because they love America.
Republicans are stronger with Latino voters. We just need to show them that we represent their conservative values. Some say that in order to attract new faces to our party we should change our message. I disagree! The Republican message is a conservative message that benefits all Americans.
Democrats think they can make Texas a blue state. But we can show that they are wrong and that the majority of Americans are fed up with their progressive agenda. Let’s unite in electing Republicans in presumed Democrat strongholds – let’s elect solid conservatives like Francisco Quico Canseco, Stephen Broden, Bill Flores and others . Let’s unite in reelecting Gov Perry and other Republicans.
Let’s reach out to conservatives across all ethnic and racial bounds. Together, we can return our government back to the hands of the American people!
Adelante y Vayan con Dios Tejanos Republicanos! Let’s go forward and God bless you Texan Republicans!



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Thank you for posting this great speech of Adryana Boyne! I was there that afternoon. Many people were falling asleep just before Adryana came out to give her speech but when she came out the people woke up with her enthusiastic speech!  It was a very interesting day since there were thousands of people since this is the largest convention in the country.
By the way, I love that you added the videos that the RPT did with all the different faces of Texans saying why they are a Republicans! They had Rep. Gonzales, Congressman Canseco and Congressman Flores in the videos as well. They were candidates and they were all elected! We need more Hispanics like them!
How could I contact Mrs Boyne directly? My son took his photo with her and I will like to send it to her so she could sign it for him.

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