Rolando Cerezo, Rep. Stefani Carter Car Wreck Victim and New American Conservative, Supports Adryana Boyne in Texas House District 102 Race

Rolando Cerezo has endorsed Adryana Boyne, Republican Candidate for Texas House District 102. Cerezo is a young American citizen who holds conservative values. His mother emigrated from Guatemala bringing him and another brother to the United States more than twenty years ago. After going through the legal process of citizenship, his mother became an American Citizen in December of 2012 and Rolando became a citizen on January 27th of this year. Cerezo graduated from South Garland High School, Garland, Texas and then from ITT Technical Institute with a degree in Construction Management. As he waits for an opportunity to work in his field, Cerezo works driving a shuttle at the DFW airport.

He attends church faithfully every week and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is looking forward to participating in his very first Republican Primary, and he just became the latest supporter of Adryana Boyne in her race for the Texas State House of Representatives District 102, saying that she looked at him as a person.

Cerezo was involved in a car accident on January 21st with State Representative Stefani Carter. He goes to the chiropractor four days a week to try to relieve the neck and back pain he still experiences from the accident. Below is Rolando Cerezo’s story of his encounter with State Representative Stefani Carter.

On January 21, 2014 I was the victim of a major automobile accident that the Dallas Police, in their investigation have determined, was caused by State Representative Stefani Carter. Since that time, Rep. Carter has admitted no fault.

Several weeks ago, Rep. Carter began making statements about the accident, saying that it was a life-altering experience and attempting to use the accident as a political tool in order to gain sympathy. In fact, she attempted to compare the accident that she caused to the life-altering event of a young veteran named Sam Brown, who recently moved his family to Dallas in order to run for office, and who was seriously injured from an IED explosion while serving our country overseas.

Like most Americans, I am grateful to Mr. Brown for his service and his sacrifice, however, he too, along with his campaign staff have tried to use the story of this accident for his own personal political gain by attacking Rep. Carter.

Quite frankly, I am tired of being used like a pawn in a political chess game between Stefani Carter and Sam Brown. Neither Rep. Carter nor Brown have shown any compassion to me or my family or has reached out to see how I was doing or given any consideration.

I became a United States Citizen after the accident. I am well-educated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management, and I came to this country, like tens of millions before me, to better my life and that of my mother and my brother, to experience for myself the American dream, and to live the life of freedom and opportunity that only the United States of America can offer. I was excited about participating in my first election, but I was distraught about how Ms. Carter and Mr. Brown were using me for their own selfish gain while remaining oblivious to how their actions might affect me or my mother.

Because of that, I decided to get more involved in this political race and learn about all of the candidates running for State Representative. I wanted to make sure that as an American citizen, I properly exercised the privilege of voting and making my voice heard.

Although a new citizen, I am a Christian, hardworking individual with conservative values. I learned that in addition to Ms. Carter and Mr. Brown, there were two other candidates in the race for State Representative in District 102. Although I do not live in that district, as a resident of Dallas County, I felt compelled to learn about the other candidates, hoping that there would be one who was not trying to misuse my accident and who wouldn’t try to take my story and make it their own.

I have researched all of the candidates. I found that my values are more aligned with the conservative values of Ms. Adryana Boyne. I don't know much about politics, but this accident has gotten me involved. I had the privilege in meeting Conservative Republican Adryana Boyne and her wonderful family. I want to be like the Good Samaritan in the Bible who helped a person he didn't even know. She is someone who seems to truly care about me, has offered her support, and is someone who, like me, came to this country from another one, to live the American dream, to work hard and to serve others.

She has a proven record of activism on behalf of the values we share and she has demonstrated that she truly cares for others. I believe Adryana Boyne would be a great representative in the state of Texas and for all the people in her district. Please support this wonderful American individual. God bless America and God bless Texas! Rolando Cerezo

Accident report shows Rep. Stefani Carter at fault in collision

Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report - Page 1

Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report - Page 2




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