More Mass Graves Found in Iraq: Where’s the Media?

Saddam Hussein, are you stilll burning down there? Allow me to throw a little more gasoline on your flames.

Mainstream media, where is the outrage over human rights?

Years later, more victims of Saddam Hussein’s sick, sadistic reign are still being discovered and the western media is ignoring the story. More “uncoverage” of the facts, which don’t fit the anti-war, anti-Bush, appeasing agenda of the mainstream media.

The Hawler Tribune:

Three mass graves were discovered in the sub district of Dubiz in Kirkuk. Announced the Kurdish daily news paper ASO on Sunday, Feb.21st. These graves are to be excavated by the Ministry of Anfaled and Martyrs of Kurdistan regional government in a near future.
“The graves are holding remnants of children from both Chamchamal and Garmyan areas”. Sayd Fazil Amin the head of KRG martyrs office in Kirkuk told ASO, these kids were taken into captivity during 1988 Anfal campaign against the Kurds.
Anfal genocide was a campaign against the Kurds in 1980s. It was aimed at the elimination of the Kurds in Iraq, by destroying and burning Kurdish villages down. Killing and burying alive the people of these villages. It costed over 200,000 lives of innocent Kurds.
"We were jailed in a prison in Dubiz for a while. The only thing we knew then was that of, our crime was being a Kurd. In Dubiz they separated us into men, women and children” Bafraw, an Anfal survivor told Hawler Tribune, “Amanj, my 7 year old son, before taken away was very sick, I asked if I could go with him. They [soldiers] told me, do not worry we will put an end to his sickness, I know how they did it”
Kurds know all their beloved Anfaled ones are dead somewhere in the deserts of Iraq. All they are awaiting for is the return of their remnants. As said Bafraw “Ever since then I have been waiting for him.”
A group of experts from ministry of Anfaled and Martyrs are to excavate these graves soon. The graves hold remnants of 272 children and the oldest one among them is a 16 year old girl. "A pregnant woman is also among them," added Amin.

Add these to the 400,000 already found buried in mass graves in Iraq. (U.S. Aid Report, “Iraq’s Legacy of Terror,” 2004)

And add those to the estimate that 5 million Iraqis, all Shia and Kurds, were killed and 10 million imprisoned during the Baath regime, per documents obtained after Saddam’s capture. See Brookes News.


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