Republicans Mustn't Budge On Deal

Last week, current House Democrats rejected Senate Republicans’ agreement with Obama to extend ALL current tax rates (I don’t refer to “Bush Tax cuts” over 9 years later because…I’m not an idiot!) and there was talk of not even bringing it to the floor. Sunday, Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) said he was sure there would be a vote on the tax rate issue and that he was confident that in January there will be no tax increase “on middle-class Americans.” I’m confident that Senate Republicans will block a bill that permits a tax increase for anyone. (if they don’t, you can exhale now. After all the uproar, nothing is changing) But Democrats are larding up the bill to be voted on with all kinds of additional spending for green energy projects, ethanol subsidies, enlarging and lowering the exemption on the estate tax agreement (from 35% and 5 $million to 45% and 3.5 $million) and such.

Of primary importance to Democrats is to get Republicans on record as having voted against the extension for middle-class Americans. Republicans should do so if necessary and if Democrats don’t pass a full extension, they will do it retroactively as a first order of business in January. The only cost will be some paperwork revision and mailing costs and they should blame Democrats for that. But Republicans should accept NO revision of the deal struck with Obama. It is for such a purpose that most of the new Republicans were elected. Eric Cantor (R-VA) has already voiced typical weak-kneed Republican plans to keep provisions of Obamacare such as redefining insurance by maintaining the prohibition on exclusions for preexisting conditions. Just how will they control costs with such an unconstitutional mandate on private commerce? It’s pathetic, but spineless Republicans politically can’t oppose a provision that “sounds good.”

You’d think Democrats surely must know that Republicans can’t go for these changes and Democrats will be blamed for their failure, but they also have shown that a lot of them seem right out of their minds. Democrat voters in broke CA, NY and MA voted Democrats right back in again. Okaaay… And in their meeting condemning the agreement last week, one Congressional Democrat shouted out, “F**K the president!”

There’s been talk of a primary challenge to the president in 2012. Those of you who pay much attention to American politics, think back a couple of years and ask yourself who in the world are they going to find to the left of Barack Obama? For liberals, Obama has had the misfortune of actually having to face reality and govern as an executive. But outside of that, no one is to the left of Obama.

Howard Dean? Dean is in Obama’s league and perhaps more shrill and antagonistic. But, I don’t think ex-DNC Chair Dean would do it. Russ Feingold? He’s a true lefty but he’s genuine, more pragmatic, I don’t think he do it either, and he just lost a Senate reelection bid IN WISCONSIN! Hey, if Wisconsin isn’t a lock, Democrats can forget it. Hillary? Well. She isn’t to Obama’s left, but could she play the role for an opportunity..? She’s recently ruled out a future run. But if her party and America needed her…?

Anyway, perhaps the Senate should re-send their note to The House: 42 Senators say no pre-approved spending will pass The Senate. And they should make sure that any Democrat failure to act will definitely not be forgotten.


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