The So-Called Iran Deal, The More We Hear, The Worse It Gets

When we last looked, the Iranians said the John Kerry interpretation of the "tentative" nuclear agreement with Iran was lies. The Iranians said no to unannounced and unlimited inspections, no to gradual withdrawal of sanctions, no to shipping uranium out of the country, no to any inspection of military nuclear sites, no to limiting Iran intervention in neighbors' affairs in the region or to limiting Iranian support for terrorist groups.

Also, in the last week Obama has taken the military option off the table by saying anyone who opposes the Obama deal is for war. Of course, that's not what critics have urged. They have said that military action should be an option. Other options are continued sanctions to deny Iran additional funds for its expansionist agenda and try to compel a better agreement.

Instead we have the Obama-Kerry method of negotiating based on the Neville Chamberlain model, slow surrender on key issues for the sake of any agreement.


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