War with the East - West

I have said for over 20 years that the United States will be at war in the future with both Russia and China.  Even more boldly, I’ve suggested when that conflict would take place.  Which, on the surface sounds somewhat arrogant.  However, my rationale isn’t that difficult to understand once you look at the facts of the matter.

If we look back and study ‘recent’ history, we should notice that world economies are often down when war occurs.  For one nation to have money problems is one thing, but for many to have these problems, is another — much like the growing environment the world is seeing now.

We can also look back 100 years and see that the Japanese and Germans were building up their military forces just prior to war (when both were in trouble economically).  However the world didn’t believe it then — much like now.

Today Korea is busy building weapons as well Hamas, Iran, China, Russia, and who knows who else?  And, the economies of these countries currently are not good.  But what are they preparing for?  War, of course!  The only question is, when?  Each country has it’s primary enemy, but they may also align themselves to destroy their enemies’ allies.

The situation should be obvious, however we often choose not to acknowledge these points.  For those who do, they often respond by saying that the U.S. is unbeatable.  (Much like Britain was viewed in earlier history when a rag-tag small army beat them.  e.g., the Revolutionary war in America)

Where would the focus of all this expenditure and rage be pointed?  Israel of course.  Today Hamas has several times the number of weapons in which to use for attacking Israel, unlike anytime in history.  Iran also wants Israel wiped off the map — much like Hamas and other Muslim countries.

But what’s that got to do with America, you ask?  We are allies with Israel — we’re the only ally that counts.  To destroy Israel (the little Satan), you must first destroy America (the big Satan).  Some of that ire will be directed toward America — eventually.  I would suggest that the proposed significant event will occur when the economies of the world reach the boiling point.  That point could be in the not so distant future.

The questions are:  Are we physically prepared to address this attack?;  and, are we mentally prepared to not only ‘handle it’, but live through it and come out the other side stronger?

The state of America is a function of what we believe in and what we do.  Today ‘we the people’ are straying more each year from the God of Abraham (and the constitution).  As we get further away, we leave ourselves more unable to handle hardship — of any kind.  Not only do we grow weaker to handle outside influences, but we become weaker to handle the societal issues inside before us today — like the cold war that exists within America with ourselves.

We read about the ‘end times’ in the bible and see many things described for us, but don’t see much of anything mentioning (suggesting) America’s existence.  That may be because of America not existing when the ‘end’ comes.

All of this is a choice we as individuals get to make.  Collectively we determine the future of our country.  It’s our (your) choice.

The following is an update on our military crisis from NBC news and their source the National Defense Strategy Commission.

U.S. military in ‘crisis’

The following report is from retired general James Matis regarding our defenses and his strategy for strengthening our military.  (We already know that the U.S. isn’t prepared to fight two enemies on two fronts concurrently.)  I’d suggest reading it.  Even though you cannot prepare for what is coming militarily, you can prepare yourselffor what is potentially coming.  Not only can you prepare physically, but mentally and religiously.  Believe me, when the ‘stuff’ hits the fan, you’ll want God in your corner to save you.  Beat the rush, start believing now.  Pray for help now, you might not have time then.

Report from James Matis


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