Texas Senate Allows Anti-TSA Groping Bill to Die - Special Session is only Recourse at this Time

As I sit in the Capitol of Texas today, I am saddened to learn that The Texas Senate has completely blown an opportunity to tell the TSA and the Federal Government that Texans will not stand for their liberties to be suspended by bureaucratic administrators who seek to make the public feel safe by making them suspend their 4th Amendment rights to protection from unreasonable search.

On Wednesday, Sen. Dan Patrick pulled HB 1937, the TSA groping bill, from the floor of the Senate to keep it from being killed while he attempted to revive support for the bill after the US Attorney for Texas sent a letter threatening Texas with lawsuits and the suspension of flights in Texas airports.

At this point, the only recourse is to call on Governor Rick Perry to call a special session for the purpose of standing up for the rights of Texans and all Americans to be free from molestation by TSA agents. Please contact the Governor's office to ask him to call for a special session to say NO to the TSA!

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