America Needs Texas to Stay Red, and the Texas House needs Adryana Boyne to Stay Red

As the National Chairman of the Latino National Republican Coalition and Former Deputy Director of Coalitions for the RNC, I have had the honor to work alongside Adryana Boyne on many critical national issues and growing the Republican Party though inclusion of all communities.

As we analyzed all candidates for House District 102, Texas, she is by far the best candidate that will be a great asset to her district to the Texas House of Representatives, help keep Dallas County red, and will attract the minority voters in this minority majority district. She is the only candidate that is bi-lingual and bi-cultural that can effectively communicate with this growing voter base on the issues that affect their daily lives. She is recognized by the Latino Community as a strong fighter for conservative values and has debated on National Hispanic Networks and is recognized for her leadership in offering solutions for a better Texas and America. I encourage you to watch this 17 minute interview of Adryana with Chris Salcedo from "The Blaze” where you will see why she is the best candidate to represent District 102 and Texas.

She is endorsed by leaders like Kelly Shackelford who says that Adryana is not a "shrinking violet but a strong fighter for conservative values.

Other candidates have not demonstrated the same courage when it comes to not raising taxes, defending conservative values and having a pulse of the community. Adryana will stand for her community, her values and help keep Texas Red. I encourage your consideration of Adryana to represent Texas House District 102.

Adryana Boyne Interview w/ Chris Salcedo from Acceleron Learning on Vimeo.




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