Gov-Elect Abbott Names Cameron County Judge as Next Texas Secretary of State

Governor-Elect Greg Abbott named Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos to be the next Secretary of State for Texas. Cascos will replace the current Secretary of State, Nandita Berry who was appointed to the position earlier this year by Governor Rick Perry. The announcement of the appointment came Tuesday morning during a meeting in Brownsville, which is the county seat of Cameron County.

Reaction from the valley on the appointment of Cascos seemed positive across party lines according to an article posted on "This is fantastic for the region, for Cameron County, for Texas... for everybody," said Cameron County Pct. 3 Commissioner David Garza.

Abbott is expected to be sworn in as the 48th Governor of Texas on January 20, 2015. Casco will be sworn in some time after that. A date for his transition has not yet been set.

Casco just won re-election to his position as County Judge for Cameron County. He will be sworn in for his new term on January 1, 2015. It is expected he will announce his resignation date as soon as his appointment date is finalized. He will be replaced by a vote of the Cameron County Commissioner’s Court. While Casco is a Republican, the Court can choose to appoint any person they wish who is over the age of 21.

Outgoing Secretary of State Berry was faced with the challenge of overseeing Texas’ first statewide general election after the new Photo ID law went into effect. Administering the Texas Election Code is one of the primary duties of this office. Other duties include maintaining public filings, such as corporation filings, and is the official who maintains and keeps custody of the official State Seal of Texas. Cascos will be officially nominated by Abbott and then must face confirmation from the Texas Senate. A two-thirds majority is required for confirmation according to the Texas Constitution.

The official announcement of this appointment was made earlier this week in Austin where the Governor-Elect was joined by Cascos according to an article by Ty Johnson in The Brownsville Herald. Abbott apoligizes to the voters of Cameron County for taking away their newly re-elected County Judge.

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