March 6, 2012 - Time For Texans To Decide

“It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.” - George Washington


Super Tuesday is right around the corner, March 6, 2012, and Texans will cast their deciding vote for our GOP presidential nominee. Conservatives have Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and Texas Governor Rick Perry, with Sarah Palin still undecided. Bachmann is a strong patriot and an evangelical that stands firm on her family values. IF Palin throws her hat in the ring, she may wipe Bachmann off the ballot or maybe not?? The Liberal mainstream media is enjoying mocking our conservative ‘Christian’ candidates as in Andy Ostroy’s nasty article in the Huffington Post. It is time conservatives put the fear of God in these nonbelievers!

Santorum and Cain did not fare well in the last debate and will probably not be able to fund their campaigns to support their presidential bids. Unfortunately it will take millions to oust Obama from the White House. Obama has already raised over $86 million which includes $38 million from the DNC for his presidential campaign. The Liberals will be supporting Obama with plenty of $$$. While I do not believe that money will be the only factor, it will play an important part. So please if you really want to make a difference contribute to your GOP candidate of choice TODAY.

GOP ‘CHRISTIAN’ candidates being targeted in Andy Ostroy’s article

I do love Sarah, but what do I really think about her bid for the White House? The MSM has been cruel to her and her family. She has endured situations I doubt any one of us could bear. She is a courageous woman who stands firm on her principles. She has played a very critical role in supporting GOP candidates regardless of the MSM’s constant harassment. She stood up to the Republicans and Democrats to clean up Alaska’s political cronyism. I enjoy very much with such inner joy when she toys with the MSM that I smile all day long after one of their episodes. She has baggage as most of the other GOP candidates. Sarah’s baggage includes the fact that the Johnston family continues to badger her. As insignificant as this may seem, don’t you just hate some one else’s in-laws in your life? Failing to finish her first gubernatorial term for Alaska by stepping down in July 2009 may have been necessary for her survival but showed lack of commitment for her political career. We may never know all the details as to why she did as she is entitled to keep some secrets from us via the MSM. I do have strong reservations that Sarah can win the White House over Obama. In fact, there is a Rasmussen poll out stating that if the election were today, Obama would win. Sarah has had enough time to close that gap but has failed to do so.

For those of you wishing that Ron Paul was on my list, NEVER! Paul is a Libertarian, and while he may be a fiscal conservative, he is not a social conservative and by his own admission will not protect America. For those of you who do not realize this, read the Libertarian platform. Paul has made comments that should be very disturbing to us when he said on TV during the last debate that ‘Iran is not a threat to us’. He also commented that we were to blame for the attacks we have suffered at the hands of the Islamic Muslims. He simply does not comprehend the fact that the Islamic Muslims hate us because we are ‘Infidels’, translation ‘Christians’. He is not friendly towards Israel and that is big trouble for us. We are fighting a battle that Paul clearly does not understand. We cannot have some one in the White House having these sentiments. We already have Obama.

Mitt Romney is not a conservative and has not been able to verbalize the fact that his Massachusetts health care reform is a fiscal failure. He did say during a debate that he would give waivers to the states that request to opt out of ObamaCare. Even though Perry is surging in the polls while Romney is sinking, the GOP race may end up being between them because Romney has the monetary funds. We already have ObamaCare, Obama and Scott Brown, so we don’t need Romney.

In my opinion, this leaves Governor Rick Perry as the candidate who can win the White House. There have been so many negative articles written about Perry it has become a contest as to who can say the most outrageous or the ugliest things about him. This alone sends a strong message that Perry is a formidable opponent. Obama and his Liberal cohorts would not be slamming Perry if Perry was not a threat. Texas is a strong RED STATE, and the rest of the country knows this. Perry in spite of the false accusations and the half truths has emerged as the top GOP candidate in early polling. He has a remarkable record as the longest serving Texas governor and the longest governor serving continuously in the US since 2000 when G.W. Bush resigned to run for president. He has since been elected in 2002, 2006, and 2010. If we voted for Perry as our Governor then as Texans, let’s show our loyalty and unite to support him as the presidential nominee for 2012. There are many more reasons to vote for Perry than not. Texans for Prosperity Peggy Venable has answered journalist’s questions about Perry. She can not discuss politics but can discuss policies. She states that, “Texas is the top state for business relocation into the state, #1 in job creation, top exporting state and the list goes on and on. Texas has gained those distinctions under Governor Perry’s tenure.” There are many more anti Perry articles written than on any other GOP candidate. We all have to decide who we want to support for president. There should be no doubt that I will support Governor Perry in his bid for the White House. I will continue to dispel myths about him. In the end…we must unite to rid America of Obama!



I love what Perry pretends to be. That is precisely the problem; he is pretending. I've seen his record. Perry is another Bush, or Obama for that matter, when it comes to increasing the size of the federal government. Obama is just like Bush in that he continues to wage unconstitutional wars overseas, and that's what we will get more of with anyone but Ron Paul. Did the Democrat-controlled congress allow the Patriot Act to expire? No, they renewed it despite how they complained when Bush got it passed. Obama is also just like Bush when it comes to increasing the size of the federal government. Lest we forget, both Republicans and Democrats supported bailing out the banksters, including foreign banks. The only thing the two disagree on is HOW to increase the size of the federal government. If you think all these wars we are wasting trillions of dollars on will make us safer, you must have a screw loose in your head; otherwise we would be safer today than we were 10 years ago. You know this is not the case. I'm all for social conservatism, but it is not conservatism when it becomes enforced by the federal government. I will vote for Paul if I have to write him in. That is why Paul will consider running 3rd party if he doesn't get the nomination, despite the complaints of republicans who say it will ensure another Obama term. He knows a Perry (or Bachmann, Cain, Santorum, Romney, etc.) term will be functionally no different than another Obama term.

Sadly, many in the GOP are anti-constitution big government supports just like Sonja.  I will also be writing in Ron Paul this time around. 

Let's see. Mitt Romney balanced MA budget and led like a true conservative in the bluest of blue states. 

Let's see.  Rick Perry has seen the largest debt increase of any state including the US debt in the same time period.

But somehow, Mitt Romney is not a conservative?  What are the smoking in Texas?

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