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Texas is playing musical chairs because many of the Republican state wide offices are being vacated. The fact that Governor Rick Perry will not seek re-election left his seat wide open. Greg Abbott the current Texas Attorney General is running for Governor as are three others including the former Work Force Commissioner Tom Pauken. Ken Paxton is one of three vying for the office of Texas Attorney General and is considered to be the most conservative of the three because of his unfailing stance on principle. The other two candidates for attorney general are Barry Smitherman and Dan Branch.

It is extremely important that we elect men who will keep Texas Red. We need a man like Paxton who has already earned the people’s trust. He was first elected as a Texas State Representative in 2002 in House District 70 and served until 2012 when he was elected as a Texas State Senator from District 8. He graduated from Baylor University and went on to The University of Virginia to receive his J.D. He has been practicing law for the last 22 years in Texas.


Because the attorney general plays a significant role in our Texas government, the person elected should have credentials that transcend the average candidate. It goes without saying that sincerity, integrity, knowledge of our laws, empathy and discernment are a few of the qualities that are critical in the person who will guide and protect our great state and its citizens from aggressors and wrong doing. The attorney general is responsible for:
Defending the laws and the Constitution of the State of Texas
Representing the State in litigation
Approving public bond issues https://www.oag.state.tx.us/agency/agency.shtml

Paxton has proven that he can fight. The battle over abortion this past summer went into a bitter struggle between the pro aborts and the pro life advocates. Paxton co-sponsored SB 5 in the regular session, this bill ‘Increases Facility Requirements and Prohibits Abortions after 20 weeks’. The passage of the bill in the special session was a historic victory for the people of Texas and the pro life movement. As Paxton mentioned in his speech, Planned Parenthood has already filed suit. Because he understands the complexities of the situation he is prepared to fight the pro aborts in the general election and when he becomes our next attorney general. He has been endorsed by the Right to Life PAC.

He is a fiscal conservative and Michael Quinn Sullivan president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has endorsed Paxton for Texas Attorney General because of his, “record as a champion for Texas’ taxpayers” both in the Texas House and Senate. This is what Sullivan had to say about Paxton’s ability to be the next attorney general. “An effective Attorney General must wade through an immense amount of federally-created red-tape, ascertain the attacks on state sovereignty, and discern what fights are the right ones, then prosecute them professionally and vigorously.”

Paxton has also shown leadership in our Texas education system by passionately opposing CSCOPE and Common Core. I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Ames author of ‘Texas Trounces the Left’s War on History’ at the Texas State Convention in 2012. Ames was extremely proud of the work that the State Board of Education had accomplished in fighting the relentless attacks of the Left. In his book he mentions Paxton on page 98 for supporting the conservative principles of the SBOE and their Social Studies Curriculum. “Our education system should provide students a positive view of their heritage as Americans that includes accounts of leadership and innovation in science, medicine, literature, economics, arts, religion, agriculture and technology. Additionally, our free market economy, outstanding leadership, and unique freedoms have all contributed to making the United States the most prosperous nation in the world.”

He goes on to quote Paxton on page 278 from an article Paxton wrote in the Texas Insider in 2010 titled, “SBOE Thanks for Social Studies Curriculum Update.” In the article, Paxton applauds the work of the SBOE.

“The attacks on the State Board of Education ignored the transparent approach that the Board took toward developing curriculum standards for Texas school children, misstated many of the changes that the Board proposed, and sought to undermine the Board’s diligent work to execute its constitutional and statutory obligations. The Board should be applauded for their conscientious efforts. Texas school children will be the long-term beneficiaries.”

It is for this reason and his continued support of the SBOE that Chairman Barbara Cargill has endorsed Paxton as our next attorney general. “As a legislator, Ken is a strong advocate for children and parents. He is unwavering in his commitment to our founding principles, and he has a long record of fighting in the trenches with us against the liberal agenda.”

Ken Mercer, a friend and top notch member of the SBOE District 5, which includes Comal, Hays, North Bexar, Kendall, Bell, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Gillespie, Guadalupe, Llano and part of Travis counties, is also endorsing Paxton for Texas Attorney General. “Ken Paxton and I entered the State House together back in 2003, so I have worked with him both in the Texas House and as a member of the State Board of Education. Ken has always been not only a solid conservative vote; he has worked to fight CSCOPE and other harmful policies which undermine the rights of parents to control their child’s education. He voted for HB 462 to prohibit common core curriculum in Texas. In August, 2013 Senator Paxton was one of 12 legislators co-signing a letter requesting the State Auditors’ Office to perform an audit of CSCOPE. While some candidates are new to this battle, Ken Paxton has been fighting for accountability and transparency in education for over a decade. I trust Ken Paxton to continue that fight as our next Attorney General.”

I found Angela Paxton’s personal life story about being an adopted baby a genuine testimony to the Paxton’s commitment to defending the unborn. If you watched the video you will also know that Angela was born in New Braunfels. The Paxtons have three daughters Abby, Madison, Kati and a son, Tucker who is the oldest.

In order to have good laws enacted we have a responsibility to make sure that the men and women we elect bring integrity and a value system of conservatism to the office that they campaign for. We have to elect candidates that have the courage to stand on conservative principles. We must all be part of placing God back into our society so that our country can begin to heal for the sake of all our families.


BILLS FROM KEN PAXTON 83rd Texas Session


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