Ken Cuccinelli Edges Closer For Win!

Tuesday, November 5th we will know just how well the liberals have infiltrated Virginia. Ken Cuccinelli, Attorney General of Virginia, has been working hard to surpass the New York Democrat hustler Terry McAuliffe at the polls. McAuliffe is being funded by sources outside Virginia, most notably, George Soros-backed PACs and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and has a 10-1 spending advantage over Cuccinelli. Additionally, McAuliffe is supported by Obama and Hillary, who both campaigned for him over this weekend. Native Virginians do not agree with McAuliffe and his ilk, which is why he needs this type of outside financial and political help. Without this help, McAuliffe would not stand a chance.

Cuccinelli is a native Virginian and represents true Virginia values and ideas. While both candidates are Catholics, only one - Cuccinelli -understands Catholic teaching and Natural Law. Cuccinelli believes that life begins at conception until natural death, and McAuliffe does not recognize the rights of the unborn. Cuccinelli was the first state Attorney General to file a lawsuit against Obamacare and steadfastly refuses to go down the destructive path that this law is taking us. McAuliffe not only embraces Obamacare, but wants to massively expand Medicaid, making more people dependent on the government and imposing higher taxes on hard-working, productive Virginians. McAuliffe also favors New York style gun control laws that take away the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Nothing has given me more joy than to know that my 17-year-old granddaughter has been campaigning for Ken Cuccinelli. She has sent me photographs and has kept me informed as to her duties as an intern. I might add that she has taken the photographs. She describes her experience in her own words.

My Advanced Placement Government class requires that ten hours of civic service be completed per semester. I learned about the Ken Cuccinelli for Governor Campaign through my teacher. After completing my first semester hours, I realized how much I enjoyed the volunteer work and subsequently began an internship with the campaign. I also agree with his values. I have gained so much knowledge regarding the political process and politics in general through the internship. I even had the great pleasure of meeting Ken Cuccinelli and his wife Teiro. This has been an eye-opening experience that has further instilled my political values and has bettered my general understanding of politics.

Volunteering for the Cuccinelli campaign at the local Republican Committee entails making phone calls and canvassing. I believe canvassing is most important because the experience enables you to speak face-to-face with residents who may be undecided. I went canvassing with my dad and we encountered a man who was undecided. My dad articulated Cuccinelli’s policies to the man who seemed genuinely interested. That experience affirmed how important connecting with voters really is.

The Gubernatorial race here in Virginia is critical. I have learned through my work on the campaign that a significant amount of residents are undecided which will yield diminutive voter turnout. Given this information, it is too early to determine who the winner will be. However, considering the dedication of volunteers and supporters, here’s hoping Ken Cuccinelli is the next Governor of Virginia. His governorship would benefit the state of Virginia. He is a principled man and I believe he is the best choice for Virginia.

We all understand how critical this race is to the political winner. It may very well determine the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Morally Coherent Catholics in Virginia Should Vote for Ken Cuccinelli for Governor




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