Voice of the Conservative Vote

Voice of the Conservative Vote

Every week, TexasGOPVote features a Voice of the Conservative Vote. Those recognized include citizens, bloggers, activists, authors, radio show hosts, members of ministry, thought leaders, legislators and others who exemplify principles of Republican exceptionalism. They demonstrate clear thinking, leadership, initiative, and values that are vital for the future of Texas and the United States. They are the Voice of the Conservative Vote.

Blog Posts

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre is the Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association. He has worked as a government activist and lobbyist since receiving a M.A. from Boston College. He began working for the National Rifle Association in 1978 as a state liaison in the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA). LaPierre would become Executive Director of the NRA-ILA in 1986 before taking over the top position at the NRA in 1991. As Executive Vice President, LaPierre is in charge of the NRA’s 76 member Board of Directors and directs the organization’s policy. LaPierre is a staunch supporter for gun rights.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: John Davis

John Davis is Texas State Representative of House District 129. In November 1998, John E. Davis was elected to the Texas Legislature to represent House District 129. Representative Davis serves on the Public Education Committee and as Chair of Economic and Small Business Development.

A native of Houston and a fifth generation Texan, Rep. Davis graduated from Baylor University in 1982 and University of Houston-Clear Lake in 1987. He is the past President of Oates Industries, an industrial roofing company; he now serves as an independent manufacturer representative for RPM, a roof and wall restoration company.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher's political career has been one of the most remarkable of modern times. Born in October 1925 at Grantham, a small market town in eastern England, she rose to become the first (and for two decades the only) woman to lead a major Western democracy. She won three successive General Elections and served as British Prime Minister for more than eleven years (1979-90), a record unmatched in the twentieth century.

During her term of office she reshaped almost every aspect of British politics, reviving the economy, reforming outdated institutions, and reinvigorating the nation's foreign policy. She challenged and did much to overturn the psychology of decline which had become rooted in Britain since the Second World War, pursuing national recovery with striking energy and determination.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Russell Kirk

For more than forty years, Russell Kirk was in the thick of the intellectual controversies of his time. He is the author of some thirty-two books, hundreds of periodical essays, and many short stories. Both Time and Newsweek have described him as one of America’s leading thinkers, and The New York Times acknowledged the scale of his influence when in 1998 it wrote that Kirk’s 1953 book The Conservative Mind “gave American conservatives an identity and a genealogy and catalyzed the postwar movement.”

Dr. Kirk wrote and spoke on modern culture, political thought and practice, educational theory, literary criticism, ethical questions, and social themes. He addressed audiences on hundreds of American campuses and appeared often on television and radio.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Dr. Kyle Scott

Kyle Scott, PhD, teaches American politics and constitutional law at the University of Houston and is a candidate for the Lone Star College Board of Trustees, Position #2. He has decided that in addition to writing about politics he should join in on the policymaking. In running for the LSCS Board of Trustees he hopes to restore fiscal sanity by opposing the addition of more debt and by keeping taxes and student fees down. His first and last obligation is to the taxpayers and the students.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Weston Martinez

Weston Martinez has a proven history of service to the Republican Party. He has dedicated his life to living the Texas conservative values we hold dear. Weston is a proud husband and father of 5 children. He’s an active member of Friendship Church in San Antonio and he has 17 years of Corporate business experience with AT&T and now is involved in the Oil & Gas Field in Texas. Weston has worked with conservative candidates and organizations across Texas to ensure our values continue to spread.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Dale Huls

Dale Huls is a conservative activist from Friendswood, Texas. Dale has taken up the cause of liberty, limited government, and fiscal responsibility with the conservative grassroots movement in Texas. Dale is the Republican Chair for Harris County Precinct 0655. He is also the 1st Vice-President of the Clear Lake Area Republican Party PAC. Finally, Dale has served on the Clear Lake Tea Party Executive Board for the last 3 years. Professionally, Dale is a NASA systems engineer at the Johnson Space Center. Graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Florida. Dale is married to fellow grassroots activist, Mary Huls.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick is the Texas State Senator for Senate District 7. He is a strong fiscal and social conservative who has led the charge on important legislation like small business tax cuts and the sonogram bill. Since arriving in the Senate in 2007 he has learned to build coalitions to pass over 100 pieces of legislation and has become a key ally to others. In his three sessions, Dan has not missed one day on the Senate floor and has only missed 6 of more than 13,000 votes.

Some of the legislation he passed, of which he is most proud, is placing "In God We Trust" permanently in the Senate chamber for the first time in history; placing "Under God" in the state pledge; and, passing a $170 million tax cut for small businesses. In 2011, Senator Patrick finally passed the Sonogram Bill to protect women and the unborn. Dan is a leader on education issues, veterans' issues, and Second Amendment rights.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson is an author, speaker, blogger, and radio host. You can read his articles at this blog site: theblacksphere.net and learn more about his books here: 

The Big Black Lie

Sexy Brilliance... and Other Political Lies

Kevin Jackson is a father of four sons, and an unlikely success story, given his background.

He is a former management consultant having some of the world’s largest companies as his former clients. Interaction with prominent business leaders, as well as being a business leader himself has provided Jackson real world perspective to politics.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: John Carona

Senator John Carona is the Texas State Senator of Senate District 16. First elected to the Texas Legislature in 1990, Senator John Carona is now in his sixth term in the Texas Senate, representing District 16 in Dallas County. Previously, Senator Carona was elected to three terms in the Texas House of Representatives. Senator Carona has distinguished himself in the Texas Legislature as an effective leader in addressing issues such as education, health care, criminal justice, banking, economic development, transportation, and homeland security - authoring or sponsoring over 550 bills that have become law and helped to streamline Texas government. Senator Carona currently serves as Chairman of the Senate Business and Commerce Committee, Joint Chairman of the Legislative Oversight Board on Windstorm Insurance, and as Co-Chairman of the Joint Committee to Study Seacoast Territory Insurance. He also serves as a member of the Senate Criminal Justice, Education, and Jurisprudence committees. Previously, he served as Chairman of the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee and as a member of the Senate Select Committee on Redistricting.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Myra Crownover

Myra Crownover is currently serving her sixth full term of office from House District 64. The district is located solely within Denton County, and includes the University of North Texas, Texas Woman's University and North Central Texas College.

Representative Crownover has been recognized several times over for her pro-conservative, pro-business stance on issues affecting both the Denton area as well as the State of Texas. She has been twice-selected as a "Champion for Free Enterprise" by the Texas Association of Business, their highest honor for an elected official. In 2009, she was presented with the 2009 Taxpayer Champion Award by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and named "Guardian of the Rainy Day Fund" by the Republican Caucus.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Suzanna Gratia Hupp

In 1991, Suzanna Hupp was trapped in a Central Texas cafeteria while an armed man calmly executed twenty three people including Hupp’s parents. Since then, Hupp has taken her message to radio, television, and ten years in the Texas Legislature.

Suzanna Gratia Hupp attended the University of Texas at El Paso and the Texas Chiropractic College, where she earned her doctor of chiropractic degree in 1985. Hupp served in the Texas Legislature from 1996 to 2006. While serving, she was a member of the House Rural Caucus and the House Veterans and Military Affairs Caucus. She served as the chair of the House committee on child welfare and foster care. She also served as chair to the Human Services Committee and worked on the House Law Enforcement Committee.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Cecil Bell

Cecil Bell, Jr. is the Texas State Representative for House District 3. He is a sixth generation Texan whose family has been in the State of Texas since 1852. The oldest of three siblings, Cecil was born in Rosenberg but raised all across Texas.

A 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist for the Southwest Region, Cecil serves as the CEO of six active enterprises, providing clients with a variety of services and creating jobs for Texans.

Driven by his strong entrepreneurial nature, Cecil has been self-employed at B-5 Construction Co., Inc. since 1983, constructing water and wastewater treatment facilities. Tejas Underground Utilities, incorporated in 1997, provides installation of underground utilities. Cecil's vision for Texas and his leadership in business development is seen in the 2008 addition of High Star, Inc., which developed and owns the Magnolia Landmark Building, a 66,000 sq. ft. Class "A" professional building conveniently located in southwest Montgomery County.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Geanie Morrison

State Representative Geanie W. Morrison, R-District 30, is currently serving her seventh term in the Texas Legislature. The south Texas district includes DeWitt, Jackson, Lavaca, Refugio, and Victoria counties.

For the 81st Legislative Session, Representative Morrison was appointed to the House Committee on Appropriations and vice-chair of the Appropriations Subcommittees on Education and Stimulus. Representative Morrison served as the chair of the House Committee on Higher Education for the 78th, 79th and 80th Legislative Sessions. She serves as the co-chair of the National Council of State Legislatures - Blue Ribbon Commission on Higher Education and as a Commissioner of the Education Commission of the States.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Amanda Adamez

Amanda Adamez is a conservative activist from Beeville Texas. She graduated from AC Jones High School and received her undergraduate degree from the University in North Texas in Denton. Amanda has served as Chairman of the UNT College Republicans, State Secretary, and State Chairman of the Texas College Republicans. In addition to her positions on the state level, she has also served as Southern Region Secretary of the College Republican National Committee. Amanda was also selected as an Eagle Forum Collegian and was a presenter at the Eagle Forum Collegians Summit with Phyllis Schlafly in Washington DC.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Jason Villalba

Jason Villalba is a freshman Republican Texas State Representative for House District 114.

A fourth-generation Texan, Jason was born in Dallas at Methodist Hospital. As the son of an airline mechanic, from an early age Jason was taught to work hard, study diligently, act with integrity and do what’s right. As a young man, Jason mowed lawns, worked as a checker at Walmart and a stockboy at a local hardware store to help out his folks. The first in his family to graduate from college, Jason worked his way through Baylor University where he studied Economics and Finance, then graduated from the University of Texas School of Law.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Tom Pauken

Tom Pauken is the former Chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), where he served since being appointed by Governor Rick Perry in March 2008 until 2012.

Chairman Pauken brought years of public service experience to TWC, having held numerous leadership positions.

In 2007, he served as Chairman of the Governor’s Task Force on Appraisal Reform. He served in the White House Counsel’s Office under President Reagan, and was appointed by the President to serve as Director of ACTION, where he founded the Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program. ACTION is now known as AmeriCorps. Mr. Pauken also was instrumental in the implementation of First Lady Nancy Reagan’s Just Say No to Drugs campaign.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Steve Stockman

Steve Stockman went to the U.S. House of Representatives with a vision of limited government and strong support for American families, robust military and a balanced budget.

On November 8, 1994, with enthusiastic grassroots support of some 2,100 volunteers, Steve put an end to the 42-year congressional career of the dean of the House, Texas Congressman Jack Brooks. This earned Steve the title of “Newsmaker of the Year for 1994″ and the nickname “Giant Killer.” One Wallstreet reporter commented that Congressman Stockman’s grassroots support was amazing and something to marvel at.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Michelle Easton

Michelle Easton is president of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute headquartered in Herndon, Virginia.

She founded the Luce Policy Institute in 1993 after finishing twelve years of service in the Administrations of Presidents Reagan and Bush. She had received presidential appointments from both Presidents Reagan and Bush with Senate confirmation for her position at the U.S. Department of Education.

Voice of the Conservative Vote: Randy Neugebauer

Congressman Randy Neugebauer proudly represents the 19th Congressional District of Texas, which stretches across 27 counties and includes the cities of Abilene, Big Spring, and Lubbock.

As one of the most conservative Members of Congress, Randy is a strong advocate for fiscal discipline, limited government, a strong national defense, and the preservation of traditional Texas values in Washington. Randy’s legislative initiatives include eliminating wasteful federal spending, improving crop insurance, and supporting diverse domestic energy sources. He continues to work on legislation that will empower the constituents of the 19th Congressional District rather than creating more unsustainable entitlements.



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