A Confident Republican: Governor Perry like President Reagan dares to speak up

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

Thomas Jefferson

A confident Republican is one who dares, to question the rhetoric, the laws, or disunity of what the Republican Party has become. A confident Republican is one who recognizes that oftentimes inflammatory rhetoric does not entice or develop strong leadership but rather a weak following. The Republican platform is about Conservative principles. These are the core values or convictions that evoke the ideals of individualism. Namely, the love of nation or patriotism, love for family, small but cohesive government, and free-market capitalism. These values are derived directly from the wisdom of the Founding Fathers; specifically Thomas Jefferson, who believed that individual citizens have an alienable right to speak up when authority, or a Party, has moved too far to one extreme. These conservative principles are what makes a Confident Republican and our party strong.

The Republican Party has gone from being the rock of our nation to a divided voice of uncertainty because we see too many flaws within our Party and haven’t the courage to speak up; and those who do dare, are seen as against the establishment--a hidden liberal, a RINO, a traitor. Yet, it is this ability to question authority that made the GOP the rock of this country because those in the party had the courage to speak up and point out those errors that were cautious to no one and protected the rights of everyone. It is because of these Confident Republicans that the establishment has managed to gracefully and respectfully gain the admiration of many, even the Democrats, who often quote our greatest leaders: Abraham Lincoln, George H. W. Bush, and our beloved Ronald Reagan.

President Ronald Reagan was a humble leader. It is known that he, often times, did not take credit for many of his accomplishments and allowed those in his circle to take the honor of his work. On his desk, was a sign that said, “There’s no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t care who gets the credit.” President Reagan had enough self confidence to adhere to a plan, follow it through, compromise (if need be), to ensure that America would emerge as the triumphant leader. It is a love affair, with this type of leadership, that we as Americans still recall for these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA when feeling worn down by the failing economy and the wars brought on by terrorists. During the Iran-Contra revelations when his ratings had fallen, President Reagan gave a speech to the American public, stating simply that he had made a mistake in thinking to trade arms for hostages. His acknowledgement of his human error, made him more popular to the public. It was simple, honest, and wise. What made him effective was not so much that he had charisma, intelligence, and genuine heart, it was that he was brave and confident enough to go against the establishment when necessary to keep American safe and the GOP united.

More recently other Republican members are emerging with poise and confidence. But they too are often called names because they dissent on the extreme elements of the Party. One Houston attorney, Jacob Monty, has been criticized for his views against some harsh policies. He is sought out for his expertise in employment labor law, but also for his ability to raise funds for the GOP. It is rumored that he helped raise nearly $500,000 for the Republican Party of Texas during the re-election of Governor Perry. Moreover, Mr. Monty has mentioned to the party that integration of immigration and employment reform is necessary for the economic survival of the U.S. In fact, his expertise was called upon by President Bush in 2007 when the administration attempted immigration reform. What makes Mr. Monty unique is that he has dared to state that the rhetoric for reform should be humane, respectful, and inclusive of American, regardless of color, race, or any other attribute that might seem un-American. The Republican Party stands for freedoms, and that is a concept worth defending, according to Mr. Monty.

Other Confident Republicans to also dare question the application of respectful principles are Dr. Steve Hotze, who talks about the inclusion of “new citizens” namely Latinos into the party. Dr. Hotze sees the necessary inclusion of the wave of new constituents and understands the demise of the party’s unity when using hateful rhetoric without purpose. Others yet like Senator Cornyn have stated that it is the responsibility of the constituents to speak up and pronounce their discontent with confidence to elected officials. And yes, it is our duty as Citizens. Another prominent leader who has risen to be a Confident Republican is Texas State Representative John Garza who is also a magnet for conservative constituents. He is a strong supporter of family principles and education reform in Texas. These three leaders voice the dissent against the extreme of the Republican Party because of the strong confidence as Republicans and their unweaving conservative values.

Our own Governor Perry has been seen as not being a conservative because he has focused on job creation and a growing economy absent the hatred rhetoric of immigrants. He has been accused of being ill-prepared during the debates, that focus on screaming matches and rhetoric calling for the building of fences and deportations, not to mention the fuzzy math on balancing our budget. In the last debate, when faced with the pressure of performance, Governor Perry committed the ultimate human error of forgetting his thought. Like Reagan, he did what any Confident Republican would do, he took responsibility for his mistake. With skillful humor, he took it upon himself to be the humor of the party, without ever wavering on his policies for the economy, which include some unpopular policies for some stringent conservatives, but necessary for the economy. Like Reagan and many other confident leaders, Governor Perry has taken the road of mistakes and emerged as the leader of principle or a Confident Republican.

What unifies these individuals is their ability, absent fear, to speak up so as to protect the individual when the government or representatives usurp their power. Thomas Jefferson believed that when an individual questions the motives of the government towards citizens, that person is acting in a purest form of love for this nation—patriotism. As result, it is this conviction that made The Republican Party apply the Jeffersonian conservative values as its mantra. So, when members of the Republican party rise to the occasion regardless of group identity, class, religious creed, or age, and questions the direction of the Party, these members are not showing defiance, but a love for the Republican Party and the United States of America. These individuals are performing their duties and love of country just as the founding fathers envisioned.


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MANDATORY E-Verify! —The only way to illegal immigration salvation?

Instead of going into the contentious issues of a hundred billion dollars plus spent on supporting the illegal immigration invasion; the overcrowded schools, the free hand-outs of health care treatment and criminals arriving here, the instant citizenship for children of illegal parents, so they can get welfare and a foothold in America.--MANDATORY E-Verify can solve the majority financial problems, by enacting the 'LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT' (bill H.R.2885) It has taken years through complete indifference by our politicians, to get in this political mess. We will not get out of this mess overnight. But Rep. Smith's sponsored law is gaining momentum, as he only needs 43 more supporters. Those not working and want a job should get into the action and phone 202-224-3121. This is the Washington switchboard that can direct you to all House Representatives responsible for moving Chairman Lamar Smith's ‘Legal Workforce Act’ (bill H.R.2885) to the house floor. E-Verify main empowerment, causing self-deportations. Simply speaking--if you cannot be verified through E-Verify, then you cannot be hired.  If you are flagged, your option is to rectify the problem by talking to the Social Security administration people.  THIS WILL DISPLACE ILLEGAL WORKERS FROM JOBS NATIONWIDE, ALLOWING CITIZENS AND LAWFUL RESIDENTS TO TAKE THEIR PLACE.


Become a TEA PARTY member and see what you can do to halt this economic chaos, with billions of dollars annually going as free public assistance, to illegal aliens who break our laws. The TEA PARTY will enforce our immigration laws and construct the fence(s) as originally enacted in 2006.  Thousands of Hispanics have joined the TEA PARTY, whose families go back generations. Only the households that have something to hide are moving towards the Obama administration. People, who respect the laws of the land, have no commitment to illegal immigration and are adamantly opposed to even their own race, color, faith if they broke the law. Just because you are a true Democrat and not linked to Liberal extremist agendas, you can still believe in the right course for America.

The Tea PARTY is resolute in returning certain copious agencies to State control. Shut down the IRS as it is now, and ‘deep six’ the bloated Tax Code and introduce it, with no deduction, no special interest deductions, no overseas tax refuge, no exemption—but a fair and equitable tax for all. Everybody pays and no child tax deductions of $ 4.2 billion dollars, through fraud; most unlawful aliens families have never paid a penny in taxes, but still get tax deductions. Illegal Immigration has devastated our entitlement programs; ask any legal Senior citizen in California, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina who have suddenly found their state medical care and supplementary income has been drastically lowered, especially in heavy concentrations of foreign nationals.

I think that just everybody is in agreement in expediting the highest professor skilled immigrants, who will have a specialized position and a great advantage to this land. They will not become a welfare yoke around the neck of taxpayers. However, I cannot find any inducement for low income or low skilled workers or just uneducated people, who believe that by just arriving here through illegal means, give them a right to steal jobs or become another unfortunate that taxpayers must carry.


Be vigilant when voting as our government is ignoring that illegal aliens are voting and could be grossly detrimental in close races. This is perjury and is prosecuted with fines and prisons, but Democrats and liberals overlook this law. Honest voters should be aware of this in either party or aid in eliminating this outrageous surge in ‘Voter Fraud’ and groups like ACORN, who have used forged registrations. Criminal Absentee ballots should be of major concern to every citizen in our Representative Democracy.


Attn: Jack Abramoff  (Casino Jack) who has recently been released from prison, needs to release the names of the very people he corrupted inside the beltway. Hundreds of millions of dollars for favors changed hands and the US taxpayer should know. In addition there are rumors of ‘Insider Trading’ by the both parties, gaining those handsome rewards—not available to members of the public. A non-political equitable committee should be formed into delve into the rot of unfettered corruption, which resides in Washington. Learn more about corruption at Judicial Watch.



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