Lawsuit Against Obama is More than an Empty Suit

This lawsuit against President Obama is more than an empty suit: the American people have a long list of grievances that merit the legal action being pursued by the House of Representatives. In addition to changing the terms of Obamacare, the president has ignored, undermined, and gone around Congress to create new immigration laws. This has created the current crisis on our border and significantly weakened our nation’s security. Yet this President continues to threaten even more overreaching executive actions to extend amnesty to millions.

The time has come for a lawsuit to hold this runaway presidency accountable. The Constitution says the president must faithfully execute the laws. However, the current president believes he has the power to make his own laws. But no president has the power to make laws on their own.

We have an obligation to defend the Constitution and the balance of powers our government has had for more than 200 years.


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