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It doesn't take much for anti-immigration group NumbersUSA to get their knickers in a twist. When they got word that Texas Senator John Cornyn (who has a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 92.00) was attending Thursday’s White House meeting on immigration reform, Roy Beck with Numbers USA fired off an angry blast email calling on recipients to jam the Senator’s office phone lines.

Senator Cornyn’s purported offense? According to Beck, the Senator has made “incredibly frightening pro-amnesty statements lately.” Wow. What are those statements? Beck fails to mention them. Back in April, Cornyn had this to say:

I congratulate President Obama for his announcement last week to address comprehensive immigration reform this year, and I share his commitment to addressing this much needed issue. Having introduced with Senator Jon Kyl the Comprehensive Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2005, I have long believed this is an important national priority. I look forward to seeing the President’s proposal and stand ready to work with him and my Senate colleagues to produce legislation that represents the best interests and best aspects of America, including our national and economic security, and restoring respect for the law.

As the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee’s Immigration, Refugees and Border Security Subcommittee and a border state senator, I know how complex immigration reform can be. The Chairman, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, I am advised, plans to hold hearings on this subject within the next few months. I look forward those hearings and working with all of my colleagues to pass legislation that will provide balanced, common-sense solutions that secure our border, and restores our broken immigration system to sound legal footing.

These are the “frightening pro-amnesty statements?” Seems to me that these are the statements of a Senator (from a border state, no less) doing his job.

Our immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed, but it is people like Roy Beck and groups like NumbersUSA who are standing in the way of the solution!

They are not concerned about illegal immigration, they want ALL immigration to stop. Check out Roy Beck’s famed “gumball” presentation! In it he also makes it clear that he is OK with U.S. support for “family planning” (i.e., abortion) to reduce population growth in third world countries. I am sure Planned Parenthood agrees. It is a real shame that the views pushed by Beck and his group have been accepted by so many in the GOP. Are his principles really consistent with conservative Texas GOP principles?

Beck’s email also warns Cornyn against committing “political suicide.” Folks, take a look at this report and tell me who is committing political suicide. 2008 provided a great test case for the “enforcement only” proponents, here are some highlights:

  • In 60 districts, candidates’ immigration positions were clearly distinguishable as more or less restrictive. Less restrictive candidates won more frequently, particularly in contests where partisan control shifted.
  • In 50 competitive contests, a Republican carried an “enforcement only” message against a less restrictive Democrat. Democrats won 34 of these seats (68%); Republicans, 16 (32%).
  • In 21 of these 60 districts, party control shifted as a result of the election. The less restrictive candidate won 19 of these contests (90%). All 19 were Democrats.
  • The immigration positions of winning Republicans were, on average, less restrictive than the immigration positions of GOP losers.

So, not only is Beck and NumbersUSA anti-immigrant, anti-population growth shtick inconsistent with traditional GOP values, it’s also an electoral stinker. What a combo, huh?

Want better border security? I do. Want to fix the immigration system? I do. So, why not offer Senator Cornyn an opportunity to do that instead of calling him and his dog “amnesty-lovers” the minute he shows the guts to take on immigration reform? Just a thought.


regarding your article on illegal immigration and the gop....would you be so kind as to answer me a question....IF the world has 6 BILLION people and IF the U.S. is over-crowded now at 330 million people ( citizens plus illegals ), then PLEASE TELL ME what number people like you will FINALLY say ENOUGH to.  What is the number???  Will you stop your never-ending whining for more 'immigrants' when the U.S. population hits 350 million, when it hits 500 million?  I BEG you, give me a number that we can hit, where people like you will stop your whining for cheap labor and cheap votes.

I'd like to point out that there isn't any "never-ending whining for more 'immigrants' " at all in this post. In fact, seeing as how Senator Cornyn wants to "secure our border, and [restore] our broken immigration system to sound legal footing," I'd be willing to say that your comment is pretty far off the mark.

"Are his principles really consistent with conservative Texas GOP principles?"

and are cornyn's, bush's, and the rest of the open-borders/country club faction of the republican party's values 'conservative gop principles'?

for these people, breaking the law ( illegal immigration ) is just fine, as long as it brings:
1.  future consumers
2.  future voters to pander to
3.  future lower wages for real American citizens

Don't tell me about being consistent with conservative values.  The only value the country club portion of the republican party cares about is spelled M-O-N-E-Y

The answer is absolutely. One can be a good Republican like Senator John Cornyn, like President George W. Bush, like Senators John McCain, John Kyle, Lindsay Graham and still want to enact broad immigration reform (whether you call it "comprehensive" or not) to deal with illegal immigration. No one is FOR illegal immigration. The only question is whether or not we are going to enact fundamental changes in our immigration laws that will most effectively deal with the illegal immigration problem.


Those "so-called Conservatives" who oppose any and all effort to reform our laws, whether they realize it or not, are effectively leaving the existing system which leads to large scale illegal immigration (such as we see when the economy is growing)!! We are not fencing anyone out...however, it does appear that we are fencing IN the illegals that are here already! In other words, once someone risks life and limb and spends every penny they have to be smuggled into the United States for an employment opportunity, they are far less likely to return home. Rather, they are likely to settle here and eventually save enough money to smuggle their spouse and children in because there are no options for them to come legally.


The real problem is that 99.9% of the people come here for jobs. We need to enact a legal system whereby workers will have forge-proof documentation that employers can rely upon and through technology instantly verify whether or not they are authorized to work., enforce our Wage and Hour Act, enact realistic quotas so that when there are needed workers there are options for folks to legally enter the country, and require all illegal workers to come forward on a one time basis to register, not for amnesty purposes, but for national security purposes and for the sake of our economy in exchange for which they do not get legal residency or citizenship, but if they are otherwise law abiding with no criminal record and they pay a significant civil fine for the violation of immigration laws they would get an interim temporary work status that under certain conditions can be renewed.


The details can be worked out, but true Conservatives cannot just simply be against illegal immigration, but they also have to support realistic solutions to deal with it in the future.

we have lost around 2.5 million jobs in the last year alone...aside from giving amnesty to people whose first act in our country is to break the law, it makes no sense to keep whining for more immigrant labor ( well, no sense from a middle class American citizen point of view anyway ), sure the developers want cheap labor, the immigration lawyers want a new market for billing/revenue increases, and both parties want to import immigrants so they can bribe them with future services for their votes, but the last thing the middle class needs is an amnesty/guestworker/bracero/slave labor program. It is no wonder the republican party is in shambles. Even though Reagan mistakenly passed the first amnesty program, the business interests, as per usual, did not keep their word, and the politicians, as per usual, did not keep their word, and illegal immigrants from the point of the amnesty forward, were not prosecuted and deported. When the country club wing of the republican party starts talking about protecting the rights and the jobs of the middle class ( as Reagan did ), then maybe we can get this party rebuilt. Whining for more and more immigrants while Americans are losing their jobs makes no sense whatsoever.

NumbersUSA informs the citizens when congress votes down amendments to not give credit cards to illegal aliens,{May 13,2009} Vote against amendments to stop illegal aliens from getting taxpayer funded healthcare benefits {July 30 2009}. When congress refuses to protect American workers {All the time} Comprehensive Immigration Reform is double speak for Amnesty. It makes me misstrust you on immigration issue's when you bad mouth NumbersUSA. I like to know when my Senator Cornyn is talking about immigration issue, because I listen and can make an informed judgement on where he stands in this issue that is very important for our country. NumbersUSA and FAIR or the only organizations that get my donations, because they inform the public on how our leaders vote on this issue. You of all people should want the voting public to be informed. So get with the program. 

We absolutely want the voting public informed, and we agree that it is important to be updated on the various steps of the legislative process.

We disagree, however, on the motives of FAIR and NumbersUSA, and thier hidden agendas. Furthermore they are alarmists that shout "AMNESTY" anytime anyone even brings up the topic of sensible immigration reform.

Thank you for your comments. Comparing unemployment and immigration statistics from sources like the CATO Institute and other recognized and conservative organizations would be a good idea for a future blog post and may provide some surprising insights!


One thing to please bear in mind: the doctrine and agendas of environmental and pro-abortion organizations are not readily applicable to Texas GOPers. So let's try and remain on topic in the future and focus on our mission is to renew, restore and reunite the Texas GOP Vote!


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