Interview with Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman at the Hispanic Leadership Network's Inspiring Action Conference in Miami, Florida

During the Hispanic Leadership Networks Inspiring Action Conference in Miami, Florida Jan. 26-27, I had a conversation with Senator Norm Coleman. My husband and I had met Senator Coleman back in 2008 in Minnesota at the Republican National Convention where I was a National Delegate. Senator Coleman it very interested in Latino engagements in the Conservative Arena. We talked about VOCES Action, about the Hispanic Leadership Network and the importance of the Latino Vote.


Adryana Boyne: Hello, were here with VOCES Action and, and I am here with Senator Coleman from Minnesota. Nice to see you Senator.

Senator Norm Coleman: Great to see you again, great to be here. In Florida, the Hispanic Leadership Network and the Hispanic Leadership Forum, we are very proud of all efforts to reach out the Hispanic Community. The Hispanics are great Americans. They care about work, they care about community, they care about family, they care about this country, they care about patriotism, and those are our values and those are Hispanic values, and Im really thrilled to be part of the effort to pull together.

Adryana Boyne: Can you also send a message to the people in Texas about the next elections, just about what you expect?

Senator Norm Coleman: I should say as so goes Texas as so goes the rest of the nation. Texas has produced some great leaders for our country, certainly some great presidents from our country and members of Congress. So my plea to all those who are listening is we need your efforts, we need your work, we need your passion, we need your energy to make sure conservative voices are heard loud and clear, and certainly Texas is in a key position to make that happen.

Adryana Boyne: Gracias Senator Coleman. Muchas Gracias.

Senator Norm Coleman: Muchas Gracias.


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