Susurrus – Or, “How to divide a Party”

Okay, I’ll admit it: I like the word, “susurrus,” and look for excuses to use it. A better term would be “whispers from the crowd that are going around” or . . .

There are rumblings that the 2012 Republican Party of Texas Platform is “pro-amnesty.”  The ones saying this have a history of assuming the worst and getting attention because they accuse.

The wording in the RPT 2012 platform (on page 21) titled, “The Texas Solution” plank isn’t “pro-amnesty.” It is a little wimpy and *too easily interpreted* to allow amnesty – especially if someone or some group chooses to interpret it that way.

I, too, wanted to see changes in the wording of “The Texas Solution” that would ensure that no one claimed that we in the RPT approve amnesty of any kind. The term “illegal alien” should have been used instead of “undocumented individuals” and the plan should specifically require guest workers to return to their country of legal residence to apply for guest worker visa.

However, the most important fact is that the Platform was passed after the Delegates had plenty of time and warning to read the planks and even some advance warning about what to read and why. The amendments failed in Sub-Committee, in the larger Platform Committee (on both Wednesday and on Thursday) and then at the General Session when voted on by the Delegation.

The good news is that the Platform isn’t law. It is a list of those things we in the RPT believe. We do believe in “solutions,” not just complaints and criticisms. We will insist that our elected officials not - in any way, shape or form - promote “amnesty.”

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A "market based" approach to illegal immigration is the same as a market based solution to illegal drugs - legalize them and the markets benefit. This is an insidious incremental capitulation toward amnesty, which appears to have been orchestrated by Party leadership months before the convention by the formulation of the sub-committee who worked on it, and using Marxist Hegelian dialectic to create a "consensus" of all parties, so to make each think they got what they wanted, all the while softening and wordsmithing truth into pabulum.

With the 2 largest GOP donors being against enforcement of immigration laws and millions of Texas against it how did this pass? "money is the root of all EVIL"

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