Cornyn Urges Democrats to Join Tax Reform Effort

I recently appeared on Fox News’ Happening Now to discuss the Republican tax reform framework and the President’s speech. Excerpts from my appearance are below, and video can be found here

Everybody in the Senate, particularly on our side of the aisle, recognizes how important this is to the President but, more importantly, how important it is to the country.

Most importantly, perhaps, of all, is this is about letting people who earn money keep more of what they earn. It will enhance their standard of living because they'll have more money they can save, or spend on education, or on a vacation, buy a new car, make a house payment. This is about lowering everybody's tax burden and getting the economy growing again.

If you start looking at the plan, you realize that everybody will see their tax burden reduced, and everybody will benefit as employers can hire more people and wages improve as well. This is really about restoring the American Dream, making sure that we are a prosperous country and that the blessings of prosperity get handed down to future generations. This is our one chance to do that, and we intend to get it done.

We are going to be looking for every occasion to welcome our Democratic friends to help us because a bipartisan bill would be a better bill. We could actually make it a permanent tax cut, as opposed to just a temporary tax cut. We'll see what they decide to do, but we would welcome their support.


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