President Trump Signs USMCA

This week, President Trump signed the USMCA. This is a big win for Texas farmers, ranchers, workers, manufacturers, and businesses. Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, we will finally modernize and rebalance our trade relationships with our most important export markets, Mexico and Canada.

Together these two countries purchase half of Texas’s total global manufacturing exports, around $123 billion.  Trade with Canada and Mexico supports almost 1 million Texas jobs, including full time, high-paying jobs that offer real opportunities to hardworking Texans.  The USMCA will also provide a stronger market for Texas agriculture.  USMCA will guarantee better access for Texas beef, dairy, corn, wheat, and pork, and build on the more than $40 billion in agricultural exports to Canada and Mexico.

Texas stands to greatly benefit from this strengthened agreement as we move into a diverse 21st century economy. I applaud President Trump for his efforts and his commitment to the working men and women of this country.


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