Demanding Answers for our Veterans

Our nation’s veterans have sacrificed to keep America safe, and we owe them not just our gratitude, but the best possible care. Recent allegations that VA healthcare employees in Arizona and Colorado falsified records to mask delays in treating patients are of deep concern. But it seems this problem isn’t localized to just Arizona and Colorado, as reports of delays and cover-ups are now surfacing across the nation – even in Texas.

I’m demanding immediate action to stop this mismanagement before more veterans’ lives are put at risk. I’ve sent a letter to the VA’s Inspector General urging him to investigate misconduct at three VA clinics in Texas: in San Antonio, Waco, and Austin. It’s my job in Congress to provide oversight of the executive branch, including the VA, and I am committed to ensuring the VA tells the truth about the care they provide our veterans. I’ve also cosponsored a bill the House will vote on this week – the VA Management Accountability Act – which will allow the VA to fire or demote senior employees who aren’t meeting the necessary performance standards. I know this is an important issue in Texas’ 19th District, and to veterans everywhere. They deserve better, and I’ll continue fighting to get answers and action.


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