FAITH and FAMILY DAY at the Texas Capitol - February 24, 2015

It is our responsibility to see that Texas continues its conservative Texas Values.

Jonathan Saenz asked all of the elected officials attending Faith and Family Day to participate in a cake cutting, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the passage of the Texas Constitutional Amendment codifying that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and prohibiting same-sex marriages.

Faith and Family Day was held at the Texas State Capitol in Austin on February 24, 2015 emphasizing the Texas values of faith, family and freedom and the laws necessary to keep them. In spite of the ice and 30 degree weather, the fun and celebration was enjoyed by the attendees. In fact, fun was the order of the day for some of the speakers.

State Rep. Cecil Bell HD3, who introduced HB623, took his cell phone to the podium to video the audience for his wife. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick took his usual "selfie" with Senator Donna Campbell SD25 from the stage. Both actions triggered a loud laugh from the audience. Lt. Gov Patrick told the crowd that, “Liberty comes from God” and that we must stand with Christ in everything we do and everything we say.

Rep. Bell started his address with a statement most conservatives agree on about today, “That which is right is wrong that which is wrong is right. The Bible is very clear, for this reason a man should leave his father and mother and cling to his wife. The Texas Constitution says the same thing.”

HD623 will prohibit state or local funds from being used to license or support same-sex ‘marriage’. Travis County issued a same-sex marriage license to two women in Austin earlier in the month. For those of you who believe that this couple is "married," let me assure you that this license is null and void in the state of Texas because this Travis County clerk violated Texas law. San Antonio has its own lawless county clerk, Republican Gerry Rickhoff. In December, it was announced that he is enticing same-sex marriage couples to come to San Antonio and even promises to wave the 72 hour waiting period before the "marriage" ceremony. Texas has entered the "lawless" era.

Senator Campbell has re-introduced SJR10. This amendment, Texas Religious Freedom Amendment, will further protect our religious freedom in our state. Senator Campbell in her usual energetic, effervescent style, walked on to the stage and podium and delivered her message that, “I have introduced SJR10, a state constitutional amendment, so that no local or county government can infringe on these rights.” She also said that we should, “believe in God rather than the government.”

Other notables speaking were Allan Parker, president of the Justice Foundation on School Choice, Ann Hettinger representing Concerned Women of America, John Seago from Texas Right to Life, and Cathie Adams from Texas Eagle Forum. Four of the five pastors from Houston, David Welch, Steve Riggle, Khanh Huynh and Hernan Castano, gave passionate speeches about the right to speak from the church podium without interference from local government. Other elected officials addressing the audience were Governor Greg Abbott, Rep. Jeff Leach HD67, and Rep, Matt Krause HD93. Amerian Heritage girls held the banners and presented the Colours.

President of Texas Values, Saenz, gave a history of Texas Values and how he became involved in protecting religious freedom. He mentioned several Texas cases involving protection of our religioius freedom, the cheerleader case from Kountze, the five pastors from Houston, the Merry Christmas case, making it legal for students to say Merry Christmas to each other in class, the Pregnancy Centers in Austin, and the one I wrote about from Castroville, where the valedictorian was not going to be allowed to give her speech referencing ‘God’. Saenz stated that, “Religious freedom is under attack like never before.”

It is our responsibility to see that Texas continues its conservative Texas Values. The men at the Alamo fought for this right to be free from government tyranny. And here we are again fighting to keep Texas liberty in our religious freedom. Please contact your Texas senator and representaive and tell them to support SJR10 and HB623. Even if the world seems to be falling all around us, let us not give up on the situations and issues we can impact with our loud voice. As Pastor Castano said, “Texas is the Hope of this Nation.”

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!

The Preservation of Sovereignty and Marriage Act – HB623
Relating to the funding, issuing and litigation of certain marriage licenses

Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to an individual's or religious organization's freedom of religion.


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