Harvey, One Year Later - How Our Community Came Together to Rebuild and Recover

Sunday marked the one year anniversary of when Hurricane Harvey made landfall. The storm was one of the most devastating in history. Harvey left hundreds of Texas families homeless and without resources, and 88 Texans lost their lives. 

Immediately following Harvey, I voiced my hope that the days after the storm would be remembered for the historic way in which the national, state and local governments responded. Looking back a year later, I am proud to say that my hopes were fulfilled. 

On day one, the Texas congressional delegation took action and worked to deliver historic relief in record time. Just six months post-Harvey, Congress was able to deliver $146 billion in relief funding. This was the quickest relief response time of any disaster aid to date. Congress leapt into action in order to ensure that aid was given to those who so desperately needed it. 

Looking back, what I remember most is how Texans came together to lend a hand and help their neighbors during our time of need. There was an outpouring of support from nearby communities and across the country, neighbors helping neighbors. Everyday people volunteered their time and resources to local shelters, and even used their own boats and cars in rescue missions. 

Our work is not done, but we have already shown what we are capable of. We have come out of this stronger than ever; ‘Texas Strong’ in fact. Because that’s what Texans do. 


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