The Bazaar Is Back, Can The City of Houston Sell You The Same Rug Again?

That's right, in 2010, voters supported Rebuild Houston. We were told the fee would be "dedicated" with a "lock box" to ensure money was used for infrastructure and drainage (flood control) projects.

Watch this campaign commercial from 2010:

WE WERE LIED TO. The city and Mayor Turner are back at the ballot box with Proposition A because the Texas Supreme Court found that the ballot wording was misleading. There was no lock box, and there was no dedication to projects as detailed above.

Are our streets better than they were eight years ago? NO WAY. Did we construct improvements in drainage to alleviate our flooding issues in the last eight years? NO WAY. Has the money been dedicated for these areas? NO WAY.

The facts are these: The city, including current Mayor Turner, used the program as a fund to transfer over 500 employees from the bloated city payroll to Renew Houston, they paid out reimbursements to developers and contractors (which has no impact positively on infrastructure, but makes flooding worse), they even created and paid for a position of "Pedestrian and Bike Coordinator" and, yep, paid for legal fees in contesting the ballot language issue in the Supreme Court. None of which helped our city.

So, the Bazaar is back with their sophisticated sellers to con you into paying twice for the same rug. Welcome to 2018. Voters should just say "no" to this scam. As it turns out, Renew Houston is just another general revenue tax to be wasted by the City of Houston.

Do not let them lie to us twice.


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