BIG MONEY in TX Senate District 26

If you live in San Antonio, Texas, or in the surrounding areas, then you know that there is a fierce battle for Leticia Van De Putte’s Senate District 26 seat. Republican Alma Perez Jackson came in third, Jose Menendez second and Trey Martinez Fischer first after the primary on January 6. Jackson’s Republican opponent, Joan Pedriotti, dropped from space to be the spoiler by snagging some of the Republican votes. In her own words, Pedrotti did not want to receive contributions from anyone. Her signage did not give a clue about her policies nor was there much fanfare to her campaign. In essence, Pedriotti sunk Jackson’s campaign. So what was her real agenda?

Again, if you live in San Antonio, then you know that politics are played very differently, that is, Republicans go with the candidate they feel will win, even if it’s a liberal Democrat. This time around, the Republicans supporting Jose Menendez are about to learn a hard lesson: that it’s important to support a true Republican rather than a mediocre Democrat.

Looking over the Texas Ethics Commission financial reports of who gave how much to whom, it becomes clear that Menendez is the Republican favorite. Of course he is. Menendez is more flexible than the ever critical loud-mouthed Fischer. (At the Democrat state convention Fischer referred to the GOP as Gringos Pendejos.) Fischer’s ads depict him running against Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, indicating that if he wins, he will be a thorn in Patrick’s side on education rather than working to achieve a solution.

Fischer has received the biggest amount of contributions, ranging from powerful PAC’s like Border Health PAC, $70,000; One Texas PAC, $124,174; Texas Trial Lawyers Association PAC, $50,000; to notable individuals and law firms, such as Mostyn Law Firm in Houston, $250,000; Trevor Ahlbert $10,000, and Russell Kelley to the tune of $41, 443.18. All suggesting that Fischer is somehow going to perform miracles in a Republican majority Texas senate.

The Republicans and the San Antonio old guard are cheering for Jose Menendez to win. The contributors listed in the Texas Ethics Commission report are numerous and do not in any way amount to the contributions to Fischer. Some of the San Antonio business names on Menendez financial campaign report are David Zachry, Richard Cavender, Pat Frost, Gordon Hartman, James Hasslocher, HB Zachry, Jr., and John Zachry. Other prominent names are Lowry Mays, Richard Weekly and William Greehey. Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC definitely have money riding on Menendez.

Going over the ethics financial reports I found that Joan Pedrotti, representing herself as a Republican, contributed almost as much to the Menendez campaign $2,500 as she spent on her own campaign. The Texas Ethics Commission’s report for the period covering December 22, 2014 through December 29, 2014 shows that Pedrotti received 0 contributions and paid out $3,044.79 of her own money for expenditures, plenty of food for thought here.

In the end, if Menendez wins, the Republicans win a status-quo Texas Democrat senator; if Fischer wins, Texas is in for an unproductive bumpy road. Both men believe that throwing money at education will somehow develop knowledgeable students. On the conservative social issues their vote will go for abortion and same sex marriage. What a waste of our taxpayer money.

In the meantime, we do have a strong Republican running for HD123, Nunzio Previtera. Please get out and vote on Tuesday and tell your friends that it’s time to return San Antonio to its conservative values in HD123.

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!


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