Democratic Socialists of America are Running for Office in Texas in 2018

I was fortunate enough to hear at talk by Trevor Loudon on ‘Communism in America’ last week in San Antonio.  Although I perceive myself as a well informed person regarding the topic of communism in America, I was amazed at how great the threat to our country is over what I already perceived it to be.

His talk was like watching ‘bullseye’ shots coming out of a machine gun — every word relevant and scary.  The massive amount of evidence or proof that America is under siege was and is overwhelming.  Although I’ve been saying that ‘we are close to the end of our freedoms here’, he made a very compelling case for our being only one or two elections away from the communists’ hold on America being a done deal.  If you think your vote is of no value now, imagine your vote being totally worthless within 2-4 years?!

The Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) is one of the leading forces we fight — whether we realize or not.  As one piece of evidence regarding the threat of the DSA, he reports how at least 17 members of the DSA are currently running for office in our TEXAS government!!  Yes, the red state that may be blue before too long is also under siege — as a priority.  The Left is pushing to turn our state blue because if they can turn the ‘heart of America’ blue, the rest of the country will be easy pickings.  (Other conservative states such as Idaho are also under siege.)  Read the following article on this topic.

Democratic Socialists Of America Are Running For Office In Texas

Please share this information with everyone who will listen.  The Left is marching strongly in our country and we are losing ground every week.  We need all of the help we can get to stop the insane behavior and thinking in America destroying our land.  You can do your part by merely forwarding this article to your friends.

The following is a partial list of those organizations operating within the U.S. that are intent on eliminating our constitution and destroying our way of life.

North American Socialist Organizations

If nothing else, please take just two minutes for a brief look at the Communist Party USA‘s website.  This is not some other country’s website, but our country’s site!!  There are many more working toward our end — a veritable army.

For more information on this topic please visit Trevor Loudon’s website.  I would suggest you also view this brief video which is a trailer of his video ‘THE ENEMIES WITHIN’.  It is the visual equivalent of his book released on Amazon.  Very insightful.


The full length movie is available on Amazon for Prime members here.


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