Donald Trump Victorious over Enemies!

Donald Trump triumphed over all his enemies, the Obama administration, the shell-shocked MSM, the Republican elites and lastly, Hillary Clinton herself.  I personally stayed up until after 3:00 am Wednesday morning, as so many other voters did, waiting to learn who would be America’s next Commander-in-Chief.  The truth of the matter, I was wishing Trump would win but thinking maybe Hillary would come out ahead.  I refused to disappoint myself after the last two huge disasters, John McCain in 2008 and especially Mitt Romney in 2012 who I thought was definitely going to win.  I was sadly disappointed and actually cried that Obama won and then was reelected.  Never again I told myself!  Imagine how excited and happy I am today.   The AP (Associated Press) called Pennsylvania for Trump around 1:40 am and so viewers waited for Fox News to call it, but instead Fox News ignored what was obvious, that Trump had won the presidency and would be our 45th president. Winning Pennsylvania gave Trump the 20 electoral votes necessary to win.
Needless to say this was a very close race.  But in the end America rejected the status-quo, abortion, corruption, a broken health care system, fiscal recklessness, out of control lawlessness, and the criminal element associated with Hillary.   The MSM was the biggest loser promoting lies that seemed so impossible to beat.  The biggest winner was the Prolife Movement along with the unborn, beating Hillary and her scheme to continue to fund PP and to repeal the Hyde Amendment. 
Trump’s victory speech was amazingly humble and inspiring.  He called for unity in the Republican Party and stated that he would be president for ALL Americans and that this was very important to him.   He asked for guidance and help from everyone to work together to unify ‘our’ country.  It was impressive that he remained calm and thoughtful throughout his speech.
The immediate issues that face America:  the economy, jobs, national security, securing our borders, Supreme Court appointment, repealing Obamacare and to defund Planned Parenthood.  It’s not going to be an easy job as there will be plenty of opposition.  Trump must surround himself with knowledgeable and Godly men to assist him in bringing his promises to fruition.   
God works in mysterious ways and brings his people together to glorify him.  We have been given an enormous opportunity to change the things we can in a direction more fitting for a ‘Nation under God’. Knowing that there will be challenges ahead, let’s not waste the fact that Republicans are now in the majority in the House and the Senate.  Together we can lead our beautiful America back to the road of redemption. 
The blow to Hillary must have been devastating because she failed to show up at her own ‘Victory Party’ after the election had been called.   John Podesta, her very devious campaign manager, had to take the podium at the Javits Center in Manhattan and deliver what should go down in history as the most embarrassing speech ever to be uttered for a presidential candidate.  Knowing that Hillary had lost, he said to Hillary’s supporters, “We can wait a little longer can’t we?  They are still counting votes and every vote should count.  Several states are too close to call.”  He continued, “Everybody listen to me.   Everybody should head home get some sleep and we will have more to say tomorrow.”   So after Hillary’s 30 years of service and 18 months of campaigning, Podesta ended her race in 1 minute and 33 seconds. 
Hillary’s concession speech came the following day and, to her credit, did ask for “a peaceful transfer of power.”  I yearn for a conservative woman to become the first woman president one day soon...maybe even in my lifetime.  Who knows, it might be my granddaughter or your granddaughter.   Let’s pray that the first woman president is worthy of our vote, our admiration and our respect.  May she stand for the dignity of all life from conception to natural death and be true to conservative values. 
As of today, according to the New York Times, Trump won with 279 electoral votes and Hillary lost with only 228.  It appears that Arizona and Michigan have not been called, but are leaning towards Trump.  At this hour, Trump has not won the popular vote, but might when all votes are counted.  His popular vote count is 59,692,978 or 47.5% with 29% of the Hispanic vote, 8% of the black vote and 42% of the women’s vote. Hillary has won the popular vote count for now with 59,923,033 or 47.7% and did win the Hispanic vote with 62%, the black vote with 88% and the women’s vote with 54%. 
It is with great pleasure to announce that the county I live in, Comal County, Texas, came in with 72.62% for Trump and 22.86% for Hillary. Next door, Kendall County came in with 78.04% for Trump and 18.10% for Hillary. However, just to the North, Hays County proved to be very tight with 46.88% for Trump and 46.03% for Hillary.  I wonder if they are influenced by “weird” Travis County!
The embarrassment was my hometown of San Antonio in Bexar County that failed to vote what would seem their Christian values since San Antonio is predominantly Catholic and the home of the Catholic archdiocese. Hillary won with 54.46% and Trump with 40.97%.  Overall Texas remained RED with 52.42% for Trump and 43.31% for Hillary, awarding the 38 electoral votes to Trump, much to the chagrin of the Democratic Party.   
I am afraid to say, though, that Battleground Texas is here to stay as they smell blood in the water.  Texans had better wise up if we want to remain RED.  The statistics show that in Bexar County, the Democrats vote straight ticket in presidential elections and do not necessarily vote in mid-term elections.  IF this continues, in the very near future, Bexar County will be completely taken over by the Democrats. 
The problem as I see it is the leadership in Bexar County, starting with Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolf who was eager to worship Obama and Clinton, the enormously rich Charles Butt from the HEB grocery chain who is not in favor of School Choice and the Esperanza Center which was one of the first to promote the LGBT movement and opens its doors to art students in the vicinity.  We must not underestimate the Saul Alinsky COPS/METRO groups that have infiltrated and are currently extremely active in our Catholic Churches as well as the very liberal Catholic Castro brothers who were influenced by their mother, Rosa Castro, past leader in the Raza Unida.   Joaquin just won reelection to the US House and Julian is past mayor of San Antonio and current head of HUD.
Last, but certainly not least, there is a problem with the San Antonio Express News that always sprinkles wonder dust on all its liberal candidates when writing about them.   All these factions contribute greatly to the demise of Christian Conservative values in Bexar County.  Obviously these are grave issues in Bexar County that must be addressed if we ever want to make a transition from ignorance to knowledge.  So what is the plan to STOP this coalition from completely keeping the almost 60% Hispanic community in the dark about their Christian faith and the options that they do have in Bexar County?  First and foremost, Bexar County needs vocal priests, pastors and ministers at the pulpit explaining biblical scripture and the intrinsic evil of abortion and more interaction with the Southside, Westside, and Eastside leadership and the community.   Other suggestions are welcomed.
CONGRATULATIONS TO DONALD TRUMP the soon to be 45th President of the USA.   Please pray for Donald Trump and his family for a peaceful transition and that he truly becomes the president we all voted for.  God Bless America, God Bless Texas!
Donald Trump's entire election victory speech
Hillary Clinton's full concession speech
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