Encourage National Convention Delegates

There's talk about Bill Kristol reaching now for a Trump alternative in David French, the anti-Trump ex-military constitutional lawyer writer for National Review. He's miles better than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. But has no name ID with 99+% of Americans.

I've been writing that the delegates to The Republican National Conventions largely do not support Trump and by national convention rules are free to vote as they wish. FYI, the most recent reports on this matter are at the last less than a handful of hits in a search that returns a number in the mid-teens. Coincidence?

Anyway, the pressure against the delegates is the almost seamless wall of media and establishment wall of information that they have no choice but the primary result. They say this because they revere the primary results over the labors nationally of a private party, because the primary is a fundraising and advertising goldmine.

I think the ugly truth is that despite frets about stopping Hillary at all costs, the Washington Republican establishment would rather lose to Hillary or the muddled-at-best prospects of a Trump presidency, than give ANY discredit to the primary process and injure that money gusher.

The delegates need to hear the encouragement of a huge Republican outcry that Trump is unacceptable, but we will turn out and work for a conservative alternative and absorb the shrieks of the establishment, the media and the Trump forces and fans if he is denied the nomination. In what I read, delegate knees are buckling to the mass-culture consensus. Buttressing those knees is conservatives’ only hope.


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