Fact Check: The Houston Chronicle Wrong Again

The decline in readership of mayor newspapers in America can be blamed on many factors. One is lack of trust in reporting facts that are in fact opinions not labeling them as such. Another is the papers' political policies being sold to the public as facts, and finally, a lack of diversity of opinions.

The public, in reaction, cancels the paper and circulation further declines. The Houston Chronicle is one such example. Why bother reading a paper that can't get its facts straight and turns a blind eye to reality?

The most recent example of this was on January 11, 2020 in the editorial "Thumbs Up, Down" the paper describes the appointment of Dave Martin as Mayor pro-tem as a bipartisan effort by their favorite Mayor, Sylvester Turner, and implying Martin was a Buzbee supporter.

Last time we checked Martin has a history of supporting Turner on City Council and was never a public supporter of Tony Buzbee for Mayor. TCR will watch the future here, but if he is anything like the last Mayor pro-tem, it's the last we will hear any disagreement between the Mayor and Martin.


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