Governor Abbott With No Challengers Will Win Reelection!

The historic Sunset Station in San Antonio was the setting for Governor Greg Abbott’s reelection announcement on Friday, July 14. The indoor venue was very welcoming as compared to the broiling sun at La Villita, where he announced his bid for governor in 2014.  The governor’s daughter, Audrey, gave an impressive introduction by saying that “there is no place like Texas and there is no Governor like Greg Abbott.”   She also emphasized that her dad loves all of Texas.  Her love and admiration was highlighted with her statement, “There is no better person to lead it than my dad.”

With his wife Cecilia by his side, Governor Abbott then addressed his supporters. He first acknowledged that he was back in San Antonio where he waited on tables, married his wonderful wife and launched his first campaign for governor and went on to win with a 20% margin. He then presented a list of accomplishments thus far in his first term:   promises he made four years ago that included cutting taxes, improving education, and building more roads and that there would be more opportunity for everybody. Governor Abbott mentioned that 2nd Amendment rights were expanded to include open carry and campus carry in Texas, that religious liberty was protected so that pastors could speak freely and he had banned Sanctuary Cities in Texas. The mention of sanctuary cities brought loud applause.   He told the crowd that, “It is irresponsible and reckless to release known criminals back out on to our streets.” In Texas we expect our elected officials to enforce the law.  If they don’t want to enforce the law, they just need to step aside.” This seemed like a very direct message to the officials in San Antonio. 

He made reference to San Antonio’s fallen hero, police officer Miguel Moreno, who was recently murdered in the line of duty.  He spoke of supporting all first responders by saying, “You have a governor who has your back!” 

He announced his bid for reelection with these words, “To keep Texas the best state in the United States of America I am running for reelection.” Cheering fans welcomed his list of promises for his next term.  He told the crowd, “I am running for governor:”

To cut your property taxes
Reform and overhaul school finance system,
End the Robin Hood program that is failing our schools
Want to increase teacher pay in Texas
He would like to end human trafficking
He also included to do more to protect our vulnerable the ‘unborn’
It seems that Governor Abbott has not drawn a primary challenger or a Democrat opponent.  Let’s see if this situation stays this way.  Governor Abbott is a strong incumbent and I seriously doubt that he will not be reelected even with an opponent.  Many of our Republican incumbents will have opponents because Democrats believe Texas can turn blue. 

There was one big difference from his visit in La Villita in 2014 to his presence in Sunset Station. Governor Abbot commented that, “In 2014, I won Harris County and Bexar County but in 2016 Hillary won them both.  What changed....George Soros, for one?”  He continued by saying that, “Liberals are trying to mess with Texas.”  And he is right!  The Resistance he spoke about was present and felt at Sunset Station. A woman from the Texas Indivisibles refused to leave the premises and had to be taken out like ‘meat on a bamboo spit’. This woman and her ilk have absolutely no shame. There is no reason for these people to attend Republican gatherings other than to cause commotion. 

The Special Session that Governor Abbott called for has 20 agenda items.  The Special Session was gaveled in on Tuesday, July 18.  There will be a battle to pass the Privacy Act, aka Bathroom Bill.   Included in the 20 agenda items are: 

Increase of $1,000 for Teachers
School Choice for special needs students
Property tax reform
Prohibit funds from taxpayers for abortion

Governor Abbott did mention that some lawmakers in Austin actually wanted to raise taxes. This is absolutely insane; citizens deserve tax relief. The House and Senate are not in agreement on many issues.  Let your state representative and your state senator hear your voice.


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