Hurd Calls Executive Order an Important Step But Reinforces Need for a Stronger Legislative Fix

I released the following statement about President Donald Trump’s executive order on police reform: 

The executive order signed by the President today is an important step forward to ensure all our communities are safe because it promotes best practices across law enforcement. When Congress addresses police reform legislatively, we should codify the need to use best policing practices and accreditation into permanent law so that these changes continue beyond this administration.

Even Democrats should agree with the focus on community engagement, de-escalation and restriction on tactics like choke-holds. Additionally, the emphasis on how to deal with mental health issues, homelessness and addiction should have bipartisan support.

This order, like the bill presented by House and Senate Democrats, can be strengthened by creating a means for police chiefs to permanently fire bad cops and establishing the funding mechanisms necessary for our men and women in blue to have the training and tools they need to keep our communities safe.


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