A Lesson to Learn

What happened in the San Antonio Mayoral Election on June 13th is an excellent example of what happens when conservatives (who do not necessarily agree on every single issue), moderates and independents JOIN hands and defeat the progressive agenda. I can just feel deep admiration and gratefulness to many of my dear friends who worked hard on Mayor Ivy Taylor's race when they realized who their options were.

If Americans would have done something similar in the Presidential elections of 2008 and 2012, we would be in a far better situation right now than the one in which we have been in for the last seven years. I hope and pray that all conservatives, republicans, libertarians, moderates, independents, etc. would stop attacking our candidates, and instead, they would concentrate on where the real problems are.

I pray we elect a strong candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election, and regardless of whether he or she is or is not our favorite candidate, that we would unite and work together to get the victory in 2016 and defeat the progressive, liberal, inexperienced, deceiving candidate. United we can!

Photo Credit: Beso Studio


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