Leticia Van de Putte and why she is WRONG for San Antonio Part I

In the recent San Antonio mayoral race, Leticia Van de Putte came in with the most votes 25,982 putting her in the Run Off Election scheduled for June 13 with Early Voting on June 1-9. She will be campaigning against the present Mayor of San Antonio Ivy Taylor who came in second with 24,245 votes. This election will be significant because it is the first time a Latina or a Black woman will be elected as mayor of this uniquely historic city.

This race also places San Antonio in a very risky situation. The city of St. Anthony cries out to the voters to elect a person who can lead them out of the corrupt cronyism that is presently consuming city hall. Many of the council members are tied to the apron strings of its former Mayor Julian Castro which includes Van de Putte. Bluntly put, electing Van de Putte as mayor will solve absolutely nothing and the status quo will grow its spending, favor for favor style, and abortion agenda.

Nicknamed ‘Chillona Berrinche’ by her family, meaning ‘temper tantrum crybaby’ or ‘la lorona’ is very apropos for Van de Putte. She has demonstrated this bully type temperament while serving in the senate. She whined on the senate floor during Democrat Senator Wendy Davis’, ‘Abortion Barbie’, filibuster in 2013 because she felt ignored by saying, “Mr. President, at what point does a female senator have to raise her voice or her hand to be heard over her male colleagues in the room?” The most notable ‘temper tantrum’ was her now infamous ‘running away’ in 2003 to Albuquerque, New Mexico to avoid voting on congressional redistricting. What she failed to see was her total disregard of her constituents in not being present in Texas to vote.

San Antonio will certainly not be a safe haven for the unborn under her tenure because she stands with Planned Parenthood in solidarity on abortion. Even Democrat Senator Judith Zaffirini, knowing that Van de Putte is the mother of six, made an unsettling comment on January 8, 2013 by stating that, “Leticia’s children were probably glad that their mother had not joined Planned Parenthood earlier.” Van de Putte also condemned prolife efforts in her failed Lt Governor’s race, “While they wage their (Republicans) war on women, they’ve cut funding and closed the clinics (abortion clinics) Texas women relied on for the only preventive health care they could afford.”

Can a proven partisan serve all the people in San Antonio without showing bias? Of course not, since she has dedicated her life bowing to the liberal agenda. All the while deceiving the Hispanic voters she so claims to ‘help’. Van de Putte is a far cry from being ‘conservative’. She has voted against Voter ID, Enforcement of Federal and State Immigration Laws and Property Tax Reduction. Her biggest fight has been against Prolife, contradicting the Hispanic culture and Catholic doctrine of the ‘sanctity of life’ she supposedly ‘embraces’.

Her voting record on abortion shows that she has consistently voted against prolife bills. She stood strong with Wendy Davis during her failed attempt to obtain a state wide position. She also made sure she included the LGBT in her bid for Lt Gov campaign speech by stating that, “Your job security isn’t determined by who you love.” Maybe she should stand for ‘Religious Freedom’ and not discriminate against Conservative/Christian values.

She is extremely good at playing the ‘victim’ from the ‘barrio’ which is laughable since she has a University of Texas and Harvard University degree and is a career pharmacist and former elected Texas official. Her biased stance favoring the status quo and liberal ideology and her disregard for human life make her incompatible to the conservative citizens in San Antonio. County Judge Nelson Wolfe has endorsed her to make sure the San Antonio elite or establishment keeps their dominance over City Hall.

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!



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