Mayor Ivy Taylor and the Pastors Appeal

A Black, White and Brown Pastor’s Banquet was held for Mayor Ivy Taylor on Tuesday, May 26 at Village Parkway Baptist Church. Approximately 150 pastors and community leaders were in attendance to discuss how best to help elect Mayor Taylor in the upcoming Run-Off Election against opponent Leticia Van de Putte on June 13.

The very spirited Pastor Charles Flowers of Faith Outreach International was the main speaker for the event. It was well noted that the Churches cannot endorse a candidate but an individual pastor can. The main goal of the pastors is to not only elect Taylor as mayor but to turn San Antonio around and put it back on a righteous path. Pastor Flowers reiterated the fact that the most important thing to do right now before the Run-Off Election is to Pray and Vote Early on June 1st in order to win this very significant mayoral election Mayor Taylor spoke at the dinner and made some very moving statements about her faith and the faith based community in San Antonio. As usual she was gracious in thanking those in attendance and Rev. Charles Flowers.

Because it was a concentrated meeting of pastors she proceeded to talk about her Christian upbringing. Taylor begun by stating that, “My parents were born Baptist until I was about 10. Then they started attending the Pentecostal Holiness church, so yes that is where I learned to greet people by saying ‘Praise the Lord’.

“Even from an early age,” she continued, “I knew that the bible tells us to be involved to be engaged.” She told the pastors that she was excited that they wanted to get outside the walls of the church and to spread the gospel throughout the city. She also understands that these men and women of God want to engage citizens because that’s what it will take in order to achieve our collective vision, “for prosperity for our community, for a better friendly environment and to be in a community that I believe God has called us to be.”

Mayor Taylor’s Vision for San Antonio and Connecting with Faith Communities letter was distributed to all attendees. She made sure that it was understood that she wanted to “break the chains of generational poverty” that thrives in San Antonio. She asked the pastors and leaders to help change people’s lifestyles and habits that are holding them back. She knows, “that the pastors can do a better job than city hall, or a case worker or social worker or government worker. We have to work in partnership.” The crowd loved it when Ivy told them, “It’s not about me, it’s about us, it’s about the future of our city, and it’s about us working together.”

Before dispersing, the pastors prayed over Mayor Taylor for guidance, strength and victory. Packets with information on the candidates were distributed to each person in attendance. Mayor Taylor can’t win without your help and support. Pastors and community leaders are urged to attend the Mayor’s Pastor Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday, June 2 at 7:00 am at the Sheraton Gunter Hotel at a small cost of $15.00.

The Express News is supporting Van de Putte with as much ink as I have ever seen. Please watch the video from one of the mayoral forums where the candidates are asked, “What is your History, Faith Tradition and Church Affiliation?” Van de Putte clearly omits any church affiliation, yet article after article, she is listed as a Roman Catholic. San Antonians, you must be the paper carriers because no one else will do it but you. Help win this election for the Christian people of San Antonio. In case you are wondering why you should help if you live outside San Antonio...1 Peter 5:8... Be sober and vigilant. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!

Mayor Ivy Taylor & Leticia Van de Putte Mayoral forum 2015 and Religious Affiliation


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