Pence Is The One And A Great Choice

If Donald Trump plans to show voters what to expect from a Trump presidency, then he has done two things so far to increase our confidence in him. First, it was the distinguished list of judges to be considered for the Supreme Court. Second, the Governor Pence appointment.

Pence has an impressive record of getting things done, both in Congress and as Governor of Indiana.

As stated by Chris Sikich of the Indianapolis Star:

While (Mike Pence) has more recently championed tax cuts and limited spending, he long has fought fiercely for religious rights, pro-life legislation, and to define marriage as between a man and a woman.


But when he ran for governor (four years ago) … recognizing Hoosiers were interested in solutions to a slow economy, his platform focused on growing jobs and cutting taxes with no mention of social issues.

Pence also was willing to take on his own party establishment. He opposed the No Child Left Behind policy supported by President George W. Bush... Pence calls it an unfunded mandate that grew government.
During Pence's second year in office, he opposed another GOP-favored initiative: the Medicare prescription drug expansion.
Pence was a leader in the Republican Study Committee, a group of socially and fiscally conservative House Republicans who push for non-defense spending cuts.


He also opposed President Barack Obama's decision to end the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy.

By 2016, Pence and the legislature were guiding a state with a $2 billion dollar budget surplus and a sterling triple A credit rating.

So far, so good on appointments. Now what Donald Trump needs to do is lay out over the next few months who he will appoint to key positions in the Administration. This is an opportunity for Trump to show he will bring in the best and brightest common sense conservatives to help lead America.


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