Rep. Chip Roy Defends Veterans’ Second Amendment Rights

On Friday, Representative Chip Roy (TX-21) reintroduced the Defending Veterans' Second Amendments Rights Act, an effort to protect the Second Amendment rights of the brave men and women who have served our nation.

Representative Roy said,“America’s heroes should never have to fear losing their God-given right to self-defense simply for seeking the care they have earned in the process of protecting our republic.

Yet, instead of focusing on securing the border or defeating foreign enemies like China, Democrat are set to take aim at our veterans’ Second Amendment rights.

I am proud to take a stand for our veterans with this legislation and to fight to prevent the Biden administration from infringing on their fundamental human rights to bear arms in self-defense."

This legislation would prohibit the Department of Veterans Affairs from transferring veterans' information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) solely because they have received a disability rating for a mental illness. Unfortunately, many veterans fear that if they seek care or benefits for mental health issues at the VA they might risk losing their constitutional right to bear arms. No veteran should be discouraged from seeking the benefits that they have rightfully earned in the defense of our republic.

Co-sponsors for this legislation include Representatives Eli Crane (AZ-2), Lance Gooden (TX-5), Andrew Clyde (GA-9), Andy Harris (MD-1) and Mary Miller (IL-15).

Read the full text of the bill here.


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