The Threat to Texas - The Anchor State

I’ve often said that California leads our nation in trends (primarily because of Hollywood). They’ve had an impact on the entire world at times.  But Texas is also a strong influence on parts of our country.  It has even had an impact on Russia during the cold war in that Texas was seen as a serious threat to any invasion to the U.S.

The term, “So Texas goes, so goes the nation” may become a popular cliche in the near future.  The south, in general, is referred to as the ‘heart of the nation’.  Long standing values — Christian values — have lead Texas and a good part of our nation with strong values for a couple of centuries.  But that is apparently changing, at least there are those who want it to change.

Trevor Loudon is a well informed New Zealander who lectures all over the U.S. every year.  He spends a great deal of his time (eight months per year) doing speaking engagements in many of our states, on the radio and television.  His primary subject is the communist movement within our country — a topic near to my heart.  It’s a subject that is getting more frightening every year.

But now Trevor is telling Texans how their state is a primary target for the communists.  Why would Texas be a primary target?   Because Texas is seen as the anchor of democracy in this country.  Where Texas goes, so goes the country.  Although this may seem hard to believe, it isn’t once you hear the numerous threats facing our state today.

If you have the time, please watch the following video.  It was created by Kat Rowoldt ( at a presentation in San Antonio last Thursday.  Trevor Loudon is the speaker and brings to the listener a seemingly endless list of facts that threaten our way of life.  If you have any interest in a serious threat that faces Texas, take the time to watch at least part of his talk.

You might consider passing this article on to other Texans or people around the country who share our concern for the future of America.


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