I don't hate Donald Trump. I think he's pathetic. He's a child who inherited a lot of money and used it in corrupt systems to create a lot more money from it. I think he's a posturer, a spectacularly inconsistent and awkward one.

What is lamentable and dumbfounding are the people who support him. I know that an awful lot of Democrats have more character than to support this enormous vulgarian and boor. Anyone who calls himself a conservative who supports this philosophical and character spastic, astonishes me and really is not equipped to vote as a Republican.

Hey, I agree strongly that the Republican establishment has been feeble and untrustworthy. To support Trump is like being unhappy with the only supermarket in town and showing it by urinating on everything in it.

If you support Trump and really consider yourself a conservative, read this, but at this point it seems like it doesn't matter what anyone or anything says. Somehow, this rube has people hopelessly love struck. I have to wonder if that would be the case if he had not been a television personality. In any case, if Trump is actually peed into the general election, that other tower of virtue, Hillary Clinton, might also be peed into The White House.

Actually, I still think he won't get the nomination. With near 100% name and personal recognition, still a large landslide majority of Republican voters are opposed to Trump. As the candidates continue to drop out, whose support will go to Trump? The other candidates must just not hang on too long and split up the not-Trump vote.


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