When Freedom and Security Matter

Two values important to every American are security here at home and freedom to live our lives without government interference. Even though the new American Congress has only begun its work we are faced with major threats to our border security, internet freedom and Second Amendment rights.

Homeland Security. Three times the U.S. House has sent to the Senate strong legislation to stop President Obama’s controversial and unconstitutional executive order on amnesty. Three times the Senate has failed to advance these measures, the latest while under Republican control.

My constituents question why no one in the Senate seems willing to fight for these bills? They understand that Democrat leader Harry Reid has blocked debate on all three measures, but they question why more senators aren't joining Ted Cruz and John Cornyn to force a national debate on President Obama’s immigration orders – especially since at least eight Democrat senators have said the President was wrong. I don’t have the answer, but I believe in the House bill that fully funds Homeland Security and stops President Obama’s amnesty cold. I want to keep fighting because this is bigger than immigration; it’s about restoring the checks and balances of the Constitution.

Will Republicans fund homeland and border security for the full budget year? Absolutely. Early on we warned of the terrorist threat from ISIS. And we forced Washington to fund the largest number of border agents in history and the resources they need.

We know Texas leaders continue to fund a surge at the border, and just last week warned of crossings by individuals tied to terrorist organizations. Of course House Republicans will act to pay the border agents who risk their lives for us in these dangerous zones. Principled conservative Republicans don’t merely talk about border and homeland security – we step up and pay for it.

Regulating the Internet. Last week President Obama’s appointees at the Federal Communications Commission passed over 300 pages of troubling, controversial regulations that for the first time put the Internet under direct Washington control. It’s not ‘net neutrality’ as Washington claims but a shrewd political move to limit your ability to buy the content you desire at prices right for your family or business. So less freedom for you, more power for the federal government.

Does it comfort you to know the internet will be regulated by the same White House that brought you the disastrous Healthcare.gov website and who directed the IRS to target average Americans based on their political beliefs? I’m joining with others in Congress to fight this new Federal Communications Commission’s takeover of the internet. I hope you’ll lend me your support.

Second Amendment Freedoms at Risk. Whether you are a sportsman, collector, own a weapon for personal security or don’t own one at all for your own reasons, your Second Amendment constitutional rights are crucial.

That’s why I’m standing with my House colleagues to challenge the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ recent back-door attempt to prevent Americans from buying certain ammunition this White House doesn’t like. The ATF is attempting to misuse a 1986 law specifically written to protect police officers to make it impossible for law abiding Americans to purchase ammo for sporting and other legitimate purposes. They’re wrong.


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