Update on the President's Budget Battle

In Texas, health insurance premiums on the individual market will increase by 53% for young males and 11% for young females under Obamacare.

With one day left until a possible government shutdown, we in the House voted again to keep the government running and protect Americans from the Obamacare trainwreck. We also passed legislation to ensure our military gets paid in the event of a shutdown.

Late Saturday night and into Sunday morning, we passed two amendments to the Senate amendments to the continuing resolution and the "Pay Our Military Act":

  • The first amendment permanently repeals Obamacare’s burdensome medical device tax, something that an overwhelmingly number of Republicans AND Democrats support. (Passed by a vote of 248-174, with 17 Democrats voting in support.)
  • The second amendment delays Obamacare implementation by one year. The Administration this week announced yet ANOTHER delay to Obamacare for unions and businesses... but not for the American people. News of another delay, on top of the numerous others they've already announced, makes it clear the Administration isn't ready to implement the new health care law. That's why we passed this amendment to give the American people the same treatment as unions and businesses. (Passed by a vote of 231-192, with 2 Democrats voting in support.)
  • The "Pay Our Military Act" ensures our troops get paid in the event a deal is not reached and the government shuts down. This is the SECOND time we've acted to keep the government running and protect Americans from the harmful effects of Obamacare. We also passed a measure so our troops get paid no matter what, so that they aren't the victims of the Senate's political games. We've fulfilled our elected duties in the House, more than once. The responsibility to act now depends on the Senate and the President.

If the government shuts down, the blame will fall squarely on the President, who won’t negotiate with the elected representatives of the American people... but will, however, negotiate with the president of Iran. We've taken action and carried out the will of the people: now it's time for the Senate and the President to follow suit.



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