Planned Parenthood and their Failed Counter-Tactical #PINKOUT

On the day Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards, testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, September 29, a counter-tactical national #pinkout was initiated in desperation to help Richards in her struggle to hoist her flailing Planned Parenthood. Richards’s salary is about $600,000.00 a year not including traveling expenses. According to Congressman Jason Chaffetz, House Oversight Chairman, at the hearing where Richards gave testimony, Planned Parenthood received $528,000,000 from taxpayers, $450,000,000 from federal funds and $390,000,000 from Medicaid. The net revenue for Planned Parenthood, June 2014, was $127,000,000. We now know by Richard’s own admission that Planned Parenthoof does NOT administer mammograms. They do not pay for mammograms; they don’t own the technology to perform mammograms.

Senator Ted Cruz spent the previous evening, September 28, on the Senate floor denouncing the actions of the GOP leadership for not standing up for conservative principles, in not defunding Planned Parenthood. It seems the senate does not want to be united in the battle to defund PP; it’s much easier for them to stay on the ‘Merry-go-Round’ with the Democrats than to stand strong as Republicans. Mitch McConnell and his followers have been on the ‘Merry-go-Round’ for so long they have become addicted to its pointless destination. The vote was called this morning, September 30, at about 9:00am to pass the Spending Bill which includes funding for PP. There were 20 Senators that voted with Cruz to NOT fund PP. Cruz’s leadership is showing!

Congressman Lamar Smith was the target of the trifling attack at his San Antonio office on Loop 410 NE because he voted to defund PP. About 35, not 50 as the MSM reported, men and women dressed in pink yelled their grievances to the mid-afternoon traffic.

Two of the #pinkout women cornered me as I entered Smith’s office with their stories as to why they were standing with PP. One woman absolutely has no idea what PP does in those centers. She truly believes they give mammograms, etc. And while she does not believe in abortion, women should have a choice, she told me. The other woman, a psychotherapist, told me as casually and callously as you can imagine that if the child is being born to a woman who cannot afford to care and provide for the baby or if she conceived in rape, it would be better to kill the baby before delivery. At one point today while watching and listening to the #pinkout crowd, a feeling of pity came over me. We have to pray for the misguided and uninformed that came out to support PP in their barbaric crimes against the most vulnerable, the unborn.

Outside the building another incident awaited us with one of the #pinkout men. He was very tall and did not like the sign Bill Harris, my husband, was carrying. I might add that Bill was quietly standing holding his Pro Life sign away from the 35 yelling PP protesters. The ‘bully’ came over and I’m sure wanted some ‘action’ as he had initiated the ‘sign battle’. As you can see the ‘bully’ inserted himself in front so as to block the sign. Fortunately there was a news camera man filming the incident. Bill was interviewed by KENS 5 after the ‘sign attack’. Read the story by KENS 5, Justin Bourke and Express News, Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje. Links are provided.

The ‘bully’ even approached me and actually steered me to the driveway by grabbing my right shoulder. After I found myself about two feet on the driveway, I asked him to stop or I would call the police. He answered that he was a policeman and to ‘GET OFF THE DRIVEWAY’. Hopefully this ‘bully’ is not an officer of the law, as someone like this ‘bully’ gives good officers a bad name.

Anyone recognize the big guy, the ‘bully’?

Please contact John Cornyn and tell him how disappointed we are with him. Hard to believe that the Republican senators were so afraid of the ‘government shut down’ and Obama that they would cave on principle and become the cowards of record. Defunding PP was the right thing to have done in what is so obvious to the conservatives. Obviously Pope Francis’ message about “defending life at every stage of development” was not strong enough as the senators turned a deaf ear to what Pope Francis had to say when he addressed the joint session on September 24.

Sonja Harris
Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!

Five hours of testimony taxpayer funding Planned Parenthood

About 50 people show support locally for Planned Parenthood. One lone anti-abortion protester showed up at the rally, with a sign decrying “6,000 abortions in Bexar County in 2014.” “We have to defund Planned Parenthood for the atrocities it commits,” said Bill Harris. Two rally attendees, also both men, walked over to Harris and tried to cover up his sign with their signs. After the three shuffled back and forth for a few moments, the protester gave up and left.

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