Why Is The Major Media Trying To Suppress "Unplanned" The Movie?

Here's another example of the politically correct censorship of free speech.

Unplanned is a new movie about one of the youngest clinic directors in the nation for Planned Parenthood, who exited them when she observed an ultrasound on a 13-week old boy during an abortion. The boy actively avoided the probe, backing up until there was nowhere to go and lost his life. After viewing this horror, the Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson left them and joined the pro-life side.

A couple of observations - first the liberal pro-choice major media and TV networks have refused to run ads for this movie. I guess this is censorship. Lifetime network refused due to the "sensitive nature of the film." It's not just that but the MPAA rated the movie R, when so many movies with violence and sexual situations gets a PG. You be the judge, but our take is censorship.

The movie is an eye-opener and is tough to watch but also uplifting. Why? Go watch the preview at www.unplannedfilm.com and judge the film for yourself.

The suppression of this film is yet another example of political correctness run amok.


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